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ACTINOLITE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.85 cts, 7.5x7.1 mm - Extremely RARE Dark Orange/Brown Catseye Gem - This is only the third one of these that we have owned in 45 years. $300/Stone
ACTINOLITE, CATSEYE, OV, 9.34 cts, 12.2x11.4 - Another - But MUCH BIGGER $1,500/Stone
ACTINOLITE, OV, 0.96 cts, 8.0x6.0 mm - Dark Green variant of the same RARE Gem - Clean and extremely well cut - Very collectible $450/Stone   
ACTINOLITE, OV, 1.80 cts, 9.5x4.7 mm - RARE over l ct and this one is an Extremely well cut Dark Yellow/Green color and CLEAN

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AFGHANITE, RD, 0.09 cts, 3.2 mm - Dark Sapphire Blue collectible Gem from Afghanistan - Etremely RARE - A 'first' for us - Only 2 available - Buy NOW $180/Stone
AFGHANITE, RD, 0.19 cts, 3.8 mm - Yet another $380/Stone
AGATE, DENDRITIC, OV, 29.64 cts, 45x30 mm - A Russian very elegant example of terminal 'tree-like' spotted dendrites on a mountain/hill base - Will make an excellent wire-wrapped earth toned pendant for that 'Special' someone


AGATE, DENDRITIC, OV, 34.96 cts, 50x35 mm - Another and this one has some black 'bushes' as well $210/Stone                
ALEXANDRITE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.20 cts, 6.7x5.2 mm - Alexandrite Catseye with a very sharply defined eye - I have seen quite a few of these with VERY LITTLE color change lately at shows - This one is a strong 85% color change GEM $1.200/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.46 cts, 5.9x5.3 mm - Extremely Sharp Eye $1,460/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, CuA, 0.35 cts, 4.2x4.1 mm - An outstanding "Alex" with a 90+% color change - This one is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and GORGEOUS $1,050/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, CuA, 0.51 cts, 4.5x3.9 mm - FANTASTIC - 98% Color Change Alexandrite - A Bargain for a stone of this quality $1,275/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, CuA, 1.38 cts, 5.8x5.6 mm - 99.9% Color Change - Pinkish/Lavender to Bright Green - The BEST Alexandrite over 1 carat that we have ever owned - OUSTANDING is an understatement

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Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
ALEXANDRITE, CuA, 1.84 cts, 8.0x6.0 mm - This one is even bigger with a 90+% color change from purplish/pink beige to bright green - VERY VERY Clean - An OUTSTANDING large example of this RARE GEM

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Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.24 cts, 4.8x3.3 mm - 90+% Color change and CLEAN - A true BEAUTY $720/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.31 cts, 4.3x3.3 mm - A CLEAN and Beautiful example of this RARE Gemstone with a 99% Color Change from Lavender/Pink to BRIGHT Grass Green

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ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.55 cts, 4.8x4.1 mm - Another 95% color change BEAUTY - A STRONG Lavender/Pink to Bright Green - An EXTREME "Bargain" for an exceptional GEM $1,320/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.56 cts, 5.6x4.5 mm - Another EXCEPTIONAL GEM - Strong Pinkish/Lavender in incandescent light that changes to dark Bluish/Green in daylight - WOW - 90+% Change $1,400/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.64 cts, 5.9x4.9 mm - Another BEAUTY - with 90+% Change $1,600/Stone
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.86 cts, 8.8x5.2 mm - 90% Color change on this beauty from pink/beige to grass green -CLEAN and Bargain at this price - WOW

Check out the DAYLIGHT video of this one on YouTube
Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
ALEXANDRITE, OV, 0.99 cts, 6.5x5.3 mm - Outrageous 99% color change for this BEAUTY from Lavender/Pink to Grass Green - CLEAN and WELL CUT - A QUALITY GEMSTONE -One of the top 5 Alexandrites we have ever handled and we have handled many hundreds during our 46 year career

Check out the DAYLIGHT video of this one on YouTube
Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
ALEXANDRITE, RD, 1.02 cts, 5.8 mm - BRIGHT "Flower Cut" Pinkish/Beige color in incandescent to a lively Dark Yellow Green color in daylight - 80% Color change - Extremely bright and well cut Gem at a BARGAIN price

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Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
AMBER, GREEN, FA, 4.59 cts, 18.8x14.3 mm - Light Olive Green Amber with many vegetable inclusions from the Carribean area ( Panana) - This is a new item for us - Wirewrappers ? $23/Stone
AMBER, GREEN, FA, 8.80 cts, 32.0x12.4 mm - Another $44/Stone
AMBER,GREEN, FA,15.10 cts, 34.0x14.6 mm - These are a very interesting color $75/Stone
AMBLYGONITE, GREEN, OV, 0.94 cts, 7.3x5.7 mm - Light pastel green amblygonite - Extremely RARE color variety - First time we have ever seen or owned one - For the RARE variant collector - CLEAN $280/Stone             
AMBLYGONITE, GREEN, OV, 1.40 cts, 8.2x6.2 mm - Another like the above $560/Stone
AMBLYGONITE, WHITE CuA, 6.85 cts, 12.8x10.7 mm - Crystal 'diamond white' Gemstone - Looks just like a European 'Crown Jewel' - Beautiful piece $411/Stone             
AMBLYGONITE, WHITE, OV, 1.83 cts, 9.3x6.8 mm - Nice affordable example $110/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, EC, 1.51 cts, 8.2x5.8 mm - An outstanding example of Arizone 4 Peaks (mine) Amethyst - Intense Bicolor Pink/Lavender Flashes - NICE $45/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 0.95 cts, 6.6x5.1 mm - Another $29/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 1.27 cts, 7.8x6.2 mm - And another $38/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 1.63 cts, 7.5x7.0 mm - These are BEAUTIFUL $49/Stone
AMETHYST,FOUR PEAKS, OV, 1.65 cts, 8.0x6.0 mm - A perfect calibrated 8/6 for easy setting $50/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 2.60 cts, 9.9x7.9 mm - Beautiful example and this one fits a 10/8 'Head' for easy setting $78/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 3.04 cts, 10.5x8.4 mm - Another $91/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 3.32 cts, 10.4x7.7 mm - This one will easily fit into a 10/8 Head for easy setting $99/Stone
AMETHYST, FOUR PEAKS, OV, 3.43 cts, 11.6x9.5 mm - Should easily fit in a 12/10 Head - Bright Pinkish/Purple Color $103/Stone
AMETHYST,FOUR PEAKS, RD, 1.43 cts, 7.5 mm - BEAUTIFUL $42/Stone
AMETRINE, EC,11.58 cts, 15.3x12.6 mm - An exceptional GEM from Bolivia -Large size - Strong Yellow and Purple colors and excellent color separation $174/Stone
AMETRINE, EC,17.94 cts, 20.4x12.2 mm - A "Checkerboard" Table - WOW $269/Stone  
AMETRINE, FA, 11.36 cts, 25.0x11.9 mm - A Designer "GEM" $170/Stone
AMETRINE, FA, 22.87 cts, 33.0x14.0 mm - Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Designer GEM $343/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA, 7.22 cts, 17.7x13.3 mm - Outrageous Red/Orange flash - No 'dead' spots - WOW - See video on our website $144/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA, 7.56 cts, 31.0x17.1 mm - Exceptional 'FULL FLASH' -- Red and Red/Orange - No 'dead' spots anywhere - All of the below ammolites were professionally cut from the outside shells of fossilized Jurassic Era Ammonites from an Ontario Canada deposit - They make exceptional designer jewelry pieces and are also very collectible $151/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA, 8.53 cts, 23.2x16.1 mm - Similar to above stone - GORGEOUS $170/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA,10.48 cts, 33.0x12.3 mm - Similar to the above but with Green and Yellow too - Outstanding Colors - See video on our website $210/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA,10.65 cts, 20.5x17.0 mm - Blue/Green - I pick thru 100's of these when buying them to get the BEST - See video on our website $213/Stone
AMMOLITE, FA,12.25 cts, 24.0x16.7 mm - BRIGHT Blue/Green $245/Stone
AMMOLITE, MQ, 2.79 cts, 15.9x6.9 mm - Intense Blue/Green with flashes of Yellow Cabochon from the outside shell of fossilized Ammonites from Ontario, Canada - Looks just like the finest 'Black Opal' - NEW STOCK April 2016 $84/Stone
AMMOLITE, MQ, 7.57 cts, 25.0x11.7 mm - Virtually every color in the rainbow lurking in this exquisite GEM $151/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV, 1.08 cts, 8.0x6.0 mm - Bright Green to Satiny Blue Green Flashes - Cabochon cut from the outside shell of Ammonites from Ontario, Canada - Looks like the finest 'black opal' $32/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV, 1.26 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Intense Red/Orange - They don't get any nicer than this $38/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV, 1.61 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Dark "Rich" Brick Red $48/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV, 1.67 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Red/Orange massive Flash $50/Stoine
AMMOLITE, OV, 4.55 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - Incredibly nice Red/Orange FLASH $136/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV, 7.74 cts, 18.0x13.0 mm - PURE BRIGHT Red/Orange FLASH - WOW $232/Stone
AMMOLITE, OV,13.61 cts, 21.6x12.0 mm - BRIGHT Orange - See video on our website $272/Stone
AMMOLITE, PS, 3.15 cts, 15.0x10.0 mm - A pearshape Blue/Green GEM $94/Stone
AMMOLITE, PS, 7.30 cts, 20.1x15.0 mm - Intense RED - See video on our website $146/Stone
AMMOLITE, PS, 9.23 cts, 21.7x15.8 mm - Gorgeous Red/Orange $185/Stone
AMMOLITE, RD, 2.33 cts, 10.8 mm - Bright Red/Orange with a tiny speck of Blue/Green - Outrageous colors here $70/Stone
AMMOLITE, RD, 2.36 cts, 9.9 mm - BEAUTIFUL pattern $71/Stone
ANATASE, OV, 0.61 cts, 5.0x4.0 mm - A 'First' for us - I bought two small crystals of this Dark Red Rarity from a collector of RARE Brazilian Gems

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ANATASE, RD, 0.76 cts, 4.7 mm - The second crystal cut this little beauty

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ANDALUSITE, EC, 2.90 cts, 10.8x5.6 mm - Brazilian Gem - Otherwise known as the 'poor mans' Alexandrite because it 'presents' a slight bicolor/color change from olive green to orange - These are becoming harder and harder to get at realistic prices $290/Stone
ANDALUSITE, FA, 1.89 cts, 10.4x6.9 mm - 'Kite Shape' - Excellent Green/Orange Color dispersion $189/Stone
ANDALUSITE, OV, 0.92 cts, 8.3x4.2 mm - Nice $92/Stone
ANDALUSITE, OV, 1.53 cts, 9.4x6.3 mm - These are very interesting $153/Stone
ANDALUSITE, RD, 0.30 cts, 4.0 mm - Another but slightly more yellow $15/Stone             
ANDALUSITE, RD, 0.33 cts, 4.7 mm - Another beauty $17/Stone
ANDALUSITE, SRI LANKAN, CuA, 0.93 cts, 5.7x5.7 mm - Similar to the Brazilian Andalusites on this list but much Rarer - Strong Bicolor appearance $186/Stone
ANDALUSITE, SRI LANKAN, OV, 1.01 cts, 7.2x5.7 mm - Another Beauty - These are incredibly nice and from a Rare location $202/Stone
ANDALUSITE, TRL, 0.99 cts, 6.7x6.5 mm - Again excellent color separation - We hand selected these for clarity and color separation - ALL of these are the the 'BEST' available $99/Stone
ANGLESITE, EC, 1.70 cts, 5.3x5.3 mm - Diamond "White" RARE Collector Gem from Turkey - The first time we have ever owned this Rarity in our career - VERY VERY RARE $2,200/Stone
APATITE, BLUE CATSEYE, OV, 2.57 cts, 8.7x6.4 mm - A new color variety of this Gem from Madagascar. Dark Sapphire to Teal Blue (Dark Paraiba Blue) with an incredibly SHARP White eye - A BEAUTIFUL GEM $257/Stone
APATITE, BLUE CATSEYE, RD, 0.56 cts, 4.5 mm - Another $56/Stone
APATITE, BLUE CATSEYE, RD, 1.48 cts, 6.6 mm - Wow $148/Stone
APATITE, BLUE, CuA, 1.81 cts, 8.3x6.0 mm - Another $54/Stone
APATITE, CATSEYE, OV, 2,55 cts, 8.5x7.1 mm - A catseye Gem that is a dark honey yellow color - Sharp Eye - Pretty $77/Stone  
APATITE, CATSEYE, OV, 3.64 cts, 10.5x7.3 mm - A darker yellow/gray  color $109/Stone             
APATITE, CATSEYE, OV, 3.89 cts, 8.8x7.4 mm - Nice dark honey colored GEM $117/Stone
APATITE, CATSEYE, OV,10.56 cts, 13.3x12.8 mm - Bright Yellow - Extremely SHARP Eye $634/Stone
APATITE, CATSEYE, OV, 76.00 cts, 25.0x20.7 mm - A HUGE one from Madagascar - Bright Yellow - SHARP EYE - Biggest one I've ever seen - For the collector/investor who likes LARGE eye catching Gems $1,600/Stone
APATITE, COLOR CHANGE, CuA, 2.46 cts, 9.7x7.5 mm - A wonderful NEW variety of Apatite from Madagascar with a color change from BRIGHT pastel peachy/pink similar to Morganite in incandescent to BRIGHT pastel yellow in daylight - CLEAN and superbly facetted - FIRST TIME for us - VERY RARE $738/Stone             
APATITE, COLOR CHANGE, OV, 0.63 cts, 5.7x4.6 mm - This one goes from pastel Yellow to almost Diamond White - Very subtle change but PRETTY Gem $189/Stone
APATITE, COLOR CHANGE, OV, 3.16 cts, 10.4x7.9 mm - This one changes from Pastel Peach/Pink to Pastel Yellow - Remarkable GEM $948/Stone
APATITE, COLOR CHANGE, RD, 0.52 cts, 6.0 mm - Another - This one is a GORGEOIUS 'Flower Cut' Round Brilliant $156/Stone
APATITE, GREEN, EC, 6.54 cts, 15.1x8.8 mm - These are really really nice and this one looks very much like a bicolor with hints of yellow at both ends of the stone - A UNIQUE color pattern

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
APATITE, GREEN, EC, 15.92 cts, 15.5x12.5 mm - Madagascar Emerald/Olive Green GEM - A few small flaws make this stone very affordable for the collector of LARGE RARE GEMS $780/Stone
APATITE, GREEN, OV, 6.55 cts, 13.6x11.4 mm - This one is an INTENSE Dark Teal Green - BEAUTIFUL is an understatement - Check the website photo on this one - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
APATITE, IMPERIAL, OV, 1.28 cts, 8.1x6.1 mm - New discovery from Brazil a few months ago - Bright CLEAN Pink with a hint of Orange color - Looks just like a fine Brazilian 'Imperial' Topaz - Very few available $256/Stone
APATITE, IMPERIAL, OV, 1.33 cts, 8.1x6.1 mm - Another that is a perfect match to the above stone - Earrings ? - $266/Stone
APATITE, IMPERIAL, OV, 1.36 cts, 8.1x6.1 mm - Wow$272/Stone
APATITE, MADAGASCAR NEON BLUE, RD, 0.25 cts, 4.0 mm - Beautiful CLEAN - Neon Blue GEM - We  had a few of these a year ago and sold them VERY QUICKLY - We were fortunate to obtain a small parcel of rough and now have more - WOW cutting and Gorgeous Color - 50 pairs available of this size - will make wonderful earrings $15/Pair             
APATITE, MADAGASCAR NEON BLUE, RD, 0.57 cts, 5.5 mm - Another - We have 30  this size so earring pairs are easy to pick - Just ask when you order $20/Stone             
APATITE, MADAGASCAR NEON BLUE, TRL, 0.94 cts, 6.9 mm - And another and a Trillion too $47/Stone
APATITE, PARAIBA BLUE, OV, 1.51 cts, 8.1x6.4 mm - Bright "Paraiba" Blue color - A Spectacular Gem from Madagascar - Extremely Intense color $151/Stone
APATITE, PARAIBA BLUE, RD, 0.76 cts, 5.4 mm - Intense color is an understatement $76/Stone
APATITE, PARAIBA BLUE, RD, 0.99 cts, 6.5 mm - This along with the 1.06 below will make an exquisite pair of earrings ? $99/Stone
APATITE, PARAIBA BLUE, RD, 1.06 cts, 6.4 mm - WOW $106/Stone
APATITE, PARAIBA BLUE, RD, 1.27 cts, 6.9 mm - And another $127/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, CuA, 0.87 cts, 5.6x5.3 mm - Pretty Crystal CLEAN Sunshine Yellowish/White Gem from Mexico - We have not had any of these in stock for many many years $18/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, CuA, 1.58 cts, 6.5x6.5 mm - Another like the above $32/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, CuA, 3.47 cts, 9.0x9.0 mm - These are nice $208/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, EC, 1.59 cts, 8.8x5.4 mm - Pretty Pretty Pretty $32/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, OV, 4.16 cts, 11.8x9.2 mm - They don't get any brighter than this Gem - Sunshine yellow is an understatement $250/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW, OV,12.60 cts, 16.2x12.9 mm - This one is CRYSTAL Clear and a UNIQUE ? Shade of Yellow mixed with light Olive Green -

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
APATITE, YELLOW, RD, 1.38 cts, 7.0 mm - I really like these  
APATITE, YELLOW/GREEN, RD, 1.85 cts, 7.7 mm - Incredibly PRETTY - 'Flower Cut' GEM that is best described as 'Canary Yellow' $37/Stone
APATITE, YELLOW/GREEN, RD, 2.28 cts, 8.3 mm - Another - The cut on these is SUPERB $46/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CATSEYE, OV, 7.60 cts, 12.5x9.8 mm - Beautiful Yellow/Green Catseye from Brazil - This one with minor adjustment will easily fit a 12/10 Head for setting $190/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CATSEYE, OV,16.50 cts, 20.0x13.9 mm - Nice Gray/Green Catseye Aqua from Brazil - You will like this one $412/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CATSEYE, OV, 27.78 cts, 22.9x15.9 mm - Seafoam Greenish/Blue with strong eye - Excellent example of this unusual phenomenon Gemstone $695/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CATSEYE, RD, 6.59 cts, 10.3 mm - Another one $165/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CATSEYE, RD, 7.85 cts, 11.5 mm - Yet another $196/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CuA, 1.27 cts, 7.2x6.3 mm - A "rich" dark blue Brazilian Aqua - They don't get any nicer than this - BEAUTIFUL $190/Stone
AQUAMARINE, CuA, 2.05 cts, 10.4x7.l mm - Another but this one has a 'checkerboard' table 

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, CuA, 2.11 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - A little darker - VERY VERY NICE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, CuA, 2.33 cts, 11.0x7.0 mm - This one is equally dark as the above and cut with a 'checkerboard table' - These are all CLEAN and VERY BRIGHT

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, CuA, 3.05 cts, 10.6x6.9 mm - The 'big sister' of the 1.27 ct above - These are "ideal" color GEMS personally selected by me from a parcel of over 300 stones

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, EC, 0.62 cts, 6.2x3.8 mm - 'Rich' CLEAN DARK Aqua Blue - Nice is an understatement $62/Stone
AQUAMARINE, EC, 2.12 cts, 10.2x6.7 mm - Pleasant stone - Cut a little flat but still very PRETTY - Steal it $212/Stone
AQUAMARINE, EC, 2.50 cts Total Weight, 7.5x5.7 mm - Matched Pair of INTENSE Blue Color - Suitable for the finest possible pair of earrings

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, EC, 2.57 cts Total Weight, 7.0x5.0 mm - Believe it on not - Another PAIR like the above - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, OV, 1.14 cts, 8.5x6.6 mm - We just bought a parcel of 4 Extremely DARK Blue OVAL Aquas cut from one incredible crystal that the seller/cutter found in Africa - If you want the best there is - BUY THIS 

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, OV, 1.17 cts, 8.9x6.2 mm - Nice Dark Brazilian Gem $234/Stone
AQUAMARINE, OV, 1.34 cts, 8.6x6.2 mm - Another from 'the crystal' $402/Stone
AQUAMARINE, OV, 1.42 cts, 8.2x6.6 mm - Yet another

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, OV, 1.69 cts, 9.2x7.0 mm - The biggest from 'the crystal'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, OV, 2.12 cts, 9.6x7.0 mm - Colonel Muerta Mine / Brazil - Extremely LARGE,DARK, and CLEAN for this mine - The 'BEST' of the 'BEST'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, OV, 3.75 cts, 12.3x9.4 mm - Beautifully Cut, CLEAN, and a pleasant shade of Blue and will fit in a 12/10 Head for easy setting 

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, PS, 0.31 cts, 4.7x4.0 mm - Small but fully saturated color - BEAUTIFUL $93/Stone
AQUAMARINE, PS, 21.50 cts, 20.0x18.9 mm - The finest LARGE DARK Blue Aqua we have ever owned - Similar in color to a Dark Swiss Blue Topaz or slightly Light London Blue Topaz - Incredibly Nice GEM - CLEAN - Beautifully cut from a piece of Brazilian rough that was mined in the 1970's or 80's - GORGEOUS

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, RD, 1.09 cts, 6.8 mm - Super Super NICE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, RD, 1.16 cts, 7.2 mm - As nice as they come - "Flower Cut" too

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, RD, 5.00 cts Total Weight, 9,0 mm - Exceptional Pair of Medium to Dark Blue 'Flower Cut' Round Brilliants - These have the look of intense Blue/White Diamonds - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
AQUAMARINE, TRL, 1.67 cts, 8.9 mm - Nice dark blue - CLEAN $334/Stone
ARAGONITE, OV, 2.21 cts, 9.5x7.0 mm - Very affordable and collectible Gem of a RARE species from the Czech Republic - If you are a collector with a limited budget don't let this one get away - Diamond White color with a hint of Yellow $177/Stone  
ARAGONITE, OV, 2.37 cts, 9.2x7.6 mm - Yet another - These are very collectible $190/Stone
ARAGONITE, OV, 5.48 cts, 12.1x10.0 mm - Same as above but very BIG for this collectible gem - CLEAN and exceptionally BRIGHT

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ARAGONITE, RD, 8.46 cts, 12.8 mm - The BIGGEST we have and Exceptionally Clean and Beautifully Cut $846/Stone
AXINITE, OV, 0.59 cts, 6.3x4.6 mm - A very collectible GEM - These are eye-clean beauties of a nice orange/brown color - Rarely seen CLEAN - From one rough piece from Afghanistan $118/Stone                 
AXINITE, OV, 0.95 cts, 7.0x5.5 mm - Like the 0.59 - CLEAN $285/Stone
AXINITE, RD, 0.42 cts, 4.5 mm - Another like the 0.59 $84/Stone              
AXINITE, RD, 0.43 cts, 4.7 mm - Yet another like the 0.59 $86/Stone              
AXINITE, RD, 0.52 cts, 4.8 mm - Yet another like the 0.59 - All these rounds are 'flower cut' for extra brilliance - Truly BEAUTIFUL $104/Stone              
BAHIANITE, CU, 0.41 cts, 4.1x3.2 mm - A Brazilian RARE Rusty colored translucent to opaque collector Gem - On request, I located one of these about 25 years ago for a collector friend who needed it in his quest to complete his Brazilian collection of Rare Minerals - It took 3 years to find one for him - RARE is an UNDERSTATEMENT - But not particularly pricey ? $123/Stone
BAHIANITE, CU, 0.58 cts, 4.6x3.2 mm - We cut a few from one small crystal we were able to obtain - There probably will not be any more for another 25 years ? $174/Stone
BAHIANITE, CU, 0.65 cts, 5.0x3.4 mm - Another like the above $208/Stone
BARYTE, CuA, 2.13 cts, 7.4x6.2 mm - FIRST TIME we have had this gem - Bright Pastel Yellow - Very collectible and RARE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BARYTE, OV, 0.62 cts, 5.0x4.1 mm - Another like the 2.13 $186/Stone              
BARYTE, OV, 2.11 cts, 7.7x6.3 mm - Another like above - RARE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BARYTE, OV, 2.31 cts, 8.5x6.8 mm - Sunshine Yellow

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BARYTE, OV, 2.82 cts, 9.3x7.0 mm - Another but this one is HUGE (very RARE) and a rich Honey-Yellow/Brown color

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BARYTE, OV, 5.00 cts, 10.5x8.6 mm - This one is totally CLEAN and a gorgeous Yellow/Orange color - Huge and RARE - Fantastic

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BARYTE, RD, 3.28 cts, 8.3 mm - A big 'Flower Cut' Beauty - Light Yellow

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BASANITE, CuA, 0.33 cts, 3.5x3.4 mm - FIRST TIME we have had this variety - VERY RARE - Dark Red with hints of Orange - Infrequently seen in the market $100/Stone
BASANITE, CuA, 0.55 cts, 4.1x4.1 mm - And another - When these are gone they are gone $165/Stone
BASANITE, OV, 0.40 cts, 4.2x3.4 mm Another cut from the same crystal $120/Stone              
BASTNAESITE, CuA, 0.54 cts, 5.6x4.9 mm - Rusty Orange Transparent RARE GEM from Brazil - Another ‘FIRST” for us - Have 2 - There are NO more ? $324/Stone
BASTNAESITE, OV, 0.40 cts, 4.4x3.2 mm - This one is a little more Yellow/Orange - RARE RARE RARE $240/Stone
BENITOITE, OV, 0.15 cts, 3.9x3.0 mm - I've tried for years to get this collectible GEM at a price I thought was realistic for my valued customers - Well, it finally happened and we bought some very small crystals - Nice dark pastel blue colors and perfect cutting make these 'glow' - Do not hesitate - This gem has not been available for a long long time and there is no indication that it will be available again for a long long time

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BENITOITE, OV, 0.16 cts, 3.2x2.8 mm - Nice dark pastel blue colors and perfect cutting make these 'glow'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BENITOITE, OV, 0.30 cts, 4.4x3.5 mm - Nice dark pastel blue colors and perfect cutting make these 'glow'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BENITOITE, OV, 0.37 cts, 5.8x3.5 mm - And another - A nice DARK Blue GEM

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
BERYL, BLUE, TRL, 2.05 cts, 8.9 mm - From a New 'find' of light pastel (almost diamond white) Gray/Blue Beryl in Madagascar - VERY SMALL DEPOSIT - RARE is an understatement $605/Stone
BERYL, BLUE, TRL, 4.68 cts, 11.6 mm - Probably the rarest Beryl color/shade variety we have ever owned - These are distinctly different in color from any other Blue Beryl we have ever seen $1,404/Stone
BERYL, GOLD CATSEYE, RD, 24.92 cts, 17.0 mm - A very pretty lemon colored Beryl Catseye with a STRONG well centered eye - Very COLLECTIBLE and it will make nice jewelry too. $488/Stone              
BERYL, GOLD, HELIODOR, CuA, 9.50 cts, 14.3x13.4 mm - Huge 'Golden' example of this Beryl variety with incredible dispersion - Hard to get in larger sizes - Often called Yellow Emerald $950/Stone
BERYL, GOLD, HELIODOR, EC, 6.26 cts, 12.0x10.0 mm - This one is 12/10 $250/Stone
BERYL, GOLD, HELIODOR, EC,11.46 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - This one is HUGE, Extremely RARE this BIG, and 100% CLEAN - WOW $1,146/Stone
BERYL, GOLD, HELIODOR, EC, 11.61 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - This one is a slight Bicolor with Gold at one end and Greenish Gold at the other - Unusual color variant ? $1,740/Stone  
BERYL, WHITE, RD, 1.15 cts, 7.4 mm - Brilliant 'Flower Cut' beauty $115/Stone
BERYL, WHITE, RD, 1.27 cts, 7.5 mm - Beautiful 'Diamond White' Beryl color variety - Looks like a 'European Crown Jewel' $127/Stone
BERYL, WHITE, RD, 1.37 cts, 8.0 mm - Another like the 1.15 ct $137/Stone
BERYLLONITE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.12 cts, 7.3x5.6 mm - Opaque chalky white with an extremely sharp eye - We’ve had a couple of these over the years and they sold immediately - VERY RARE and difficult to obtain $896/Stone
BRAZILIANITE, MQ, 2.35 cts, 13.5x6.5 mm - Gem from Brazil - CLEAN pastel yellow color - One of only a few of these that we have ever owned in 40 years $1,200/Stone              
BRAZILIANITE, OV, 0.28 cts, 5.4x3.9 mm - I've had this Yellowish/White Brazilian Gem before and they're not particularly rare WITH SMALL INCLUSIONS but they sure are hard to find $56/Stone
BRAZILIANITE, OV, 0.42 cts, 5.7x4.2 mm - This one is a little yellowier than the above - Very PRETTY $84/Stone
BYTOWNITE, MQ, 7.59 cts, 21.5x10.8 mm - A nice one and BIG too $228/Stone
BYTOWNITE, OV, 1.63 cts, 8.9x7.1 mm - Champagne White Orthoclase/Feldspar from Mexico - Incredibly BRIGHT - Looks like a slightly 'off white' Diamond $49/Stone
BYTOWNITE, OV, 4.10 cts, 12.5x9.2 mm - These are soooo pretty $123/Stone
BYTOWNITE, OV,16.85 cts, 21.5x14.6 mm - The biggest we have at this time and this one will fit easily into a 20/15 Head for easy setting $505/Stone
BYTOWNITE, PS, 6.05 cts, 16.6x10.3 mm - All of these are CLEAN $180/Stone
BYTOWNITE, RD, 1.13 cts, 7.0 mm - Nice $34/Stone
BYTOWNITE, RD, 6.67 cts, 12.9 mm - NICE and Bright $200/Stone
CALCITE, COBALT, CuA, 0.60 cts, 5.5x4.8 mm - Light Pink/Orange slightly translucent variety of calcite - RARE - A first for us and we only have five stones $180/Stone
CALCITE, COBALT, EC, 0.92 cts, 6.8x4.9 mm - Another BEAUTY $276/Stone
CALCITE, COBALT, OV, 0.29 cts, 5.2x4.0 mm - Another $87/Stone
CALCITE, COBALT, OV, 0.52 cts, 6.1x4.8 mm - These are a nice pretty pink $156/Stone
CALCITE, COBALT, RD, 1.11 cts, 7.4 mm - The biggest one we have  $333/Stone              
CALCITE, CuA, 22.70 cts, 18.4x17.8 mm - CLEAN pastel yellow Gem - A relatively common gemstone species which is RARELY encountered in large pieces that are CLEAN enough to facet  - Unusual  $900/Stone              
CALCITE, CuA, 35.82 cts, 29.0x17.5 mm - CLEAN WHITE calcite in a huge size - VERY difficult to obtain in CLEAN collectible large sizes - Pure diamond white $1,433/Stone             
CALCITE, CuA, 50.20 cts, 24.5x23.7mm - Nice pastel yellow Gem - Like the 22.70 cts but HUGE and not quite as clean - slightly ‘sleepy’ - EXTREMELY RARE this big   $1,900/Stone              
CAMEO, SHELL, OV, 25x18 mm - Vintage Italian hand carved Conch Shell Cameo - "First Quality" Gibson Girl style carvings probably done in the 1950's-70's - The detail is incredible - We have about a dozen of each size and each one is an original artiscally detailed carving $60/Stone
CAMEO, SHELL, OV, 30x22 mm - Another like the above but bigger $75/Stone
CAMEO, SHELL, OV,40x30 mm - The biggest we have - All 3 of these easily fit standard sized - vintage style - pendant mountings $90/Piece
CASSITERITE, RD, 1.81 cts, 5.8 mm - Dark Yellow/Black Collector gemstone - Extremely nice example of a RARE gem $362/Stone              
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, CuA, 5.01 cts, 10.4x8.8 mm - Diamond white celestite with a hint of blue - A very PRETTY gemstone in a rare species of facettable quality in a BIG size $501/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, CuA,10.50 cts, 12.8x11.5 mm - Another like the above $1,050/Stone              
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, OV, 0.89 cts, 6.0x4.9 mm - Very affordable in this smaller size $89/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, OV, 1.56 cts, 7.3x5.7 mm - Pretty $156/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, OV, 3.12 cts, 8.9x7.0 mm - Will easily fit into a 9/7 Head for setting $312/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, OV, 4.61 cts, 10.5x8.0 mm - Nearly a perfect 10/8 $461/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, OV, 6.51 cts, 13.5x10.0 mm - Very pleasant collector GEM - RARE this clean $651/Stone              
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, RD, 0.87 cts, 5.3 mm - Affordable ? $87/Stone
CELESTITE, BLUE WHITE, RD, 2.95 cts, 8.0 mm - Beautiful Diamond Look-Alike $295/Stone
CERUSSITE, OV, 2.04 cts, 6.9x5.6 mm - First time for us with this RARE Gem from Morocco - Translucent pastel beige/yellow color - Very RARE collectible $612/Stone
CERUSSITE, OV, 2.30 cts, 7.5x6.0 mm  - When these are gone they are GONE - Do not hesitate if you want one for your collection $800/Stone             
CERUSSITE, OV, 7.15 cts, 10.6x8.6 mm - HUGE size and a very cheap price for this RARITY $1,430/Stone
CERUSSITE, RD, 1.80 cts, 5.9 mm - A beauty and 'flower cut' too $540/Stone
CHONDRODITE, OV, 0.06 cts, 3.0x2.2 mm - First time we have had this very RARE - BLOOD RED Gemstone - Very collectible and affordable $90/Stone              
CHONDRODITE, OV, 0.14 cts, 3.6x2.9 mm - Another of this rare species $210/Stone              
CHONDRODITE, OV, 0.19 cts, 3.9x3.5 mm - Yet another - These are a lot RARER than this list would lead you to believe $285/Stone              
CHONDRODITE, RD, 0.15 cts, 3.2 mm - Another Beauty $225/Stone              
CHONDRODITE, RD, 0.24 cts, 3.8 mm - Yet another $360/Stone              
CHRYSOBERYL, BLACK CATSEYE, RD, 5.36 cts, 9.5 mm - Jet Black with a SHARP eye - We've had a couple of these over the years - This one has an extremely sharp eye and very clean surfaces - The price has 'exploded' on these and is going much higher soon as none are available in the market - The last one we had in 2011 was 2.43 cts and we sold it for $486 - The buyer got a very sweet deal based on current prices $2,144/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, CATSEYE, OV, 1.23 cts, 6.2x4.8 mm - These are all from the same small parcel we were lucky enough to buy from a "sleeping" Sri Lankan dealer a few months ago - Worth much more - SHARP EYE - They all are CLEAN $246/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, CATSEYE, OV, 1.40 cts, 6.1x5.2 mm - Another like the above $280/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, CuA, 1.16 cts, 6.5x6.3 mm - Beautiful Pastel Yellow/Green CLEAN Gem - A very reasonable addition to your collection ? $116/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, CuA, 1.94 cts, 9.0x5.2 mm - Another Nice Yellow/Green Gem $194/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, OV, 1.24 cts, 7.6x5.9 mm - Nice CLEAN Yellow/Green $124/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, OV, 2.07 cts, 8.0x6.1 mm - Yellow/Olivine Green Gem - Interesting color variant for chrysoberyl $207/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, OV, 4.16 cts, 11.0 x 8.2 mm - LARGE color change chrysoberyl from Dark Yellow to Yellow Green - Bright and very close to alexandrite classification $1,664/Stone              
CHRYSOBERYL, OV, 5.11 cts, 12.4x8.9 mm - Bright pastel Lemon Yellow in incandescent that slightly changes to a bright pastel yellow-green in daylight - a VERY PRETTY delicate color CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and Precision Cut - BEAUTIFUL $1,226/Stone              
CHRYSOBERYL, VANADIUM, CuA, 1.87 cts, 8.6x6.0 mm - A NEW Very RARE variety of collectible GEM from a recently discovered SMALL deposit in Tanzania - Only a few dozen of these exist and this is one of larger ones - A crystal CLEAN PASTEL metallic Green Color - Unusual is an understatement - Do not delay if you like Extreme RARITY $3,200/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, VANADIUM, RD, 0.09 cts, 2.7 mm - When we cut the above 1.87 ct GEM we were able to salvage 2 small chips during the process - We finally found time to cut them - All are very affordable for the collector with a limited budget - These are RARE $135/Stone
CHRYSOBERYL, WHITE, RD, 1.50 cts, 6.7 mm - Beautiful 'Flower Cut' Round 'Diamond White' GEM - Extremely RARE color variety of Chrysoberyl - We've only owned a couple in all our years in business $2,000/Stone
CITRINE, ORANGE, TRL, 0.81 cts Total Weight, 5.0 mm - Matched Pair of BRIGHT ORANGE Citrines - Earrings ? $25/Pair
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, OV, 2.59 cts, 10.5x8.0 mm - Similar to the 3.26 Below $52/Stone
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, OV, 2.69 cts, 10.7x8.4 mm - Almost an exact match to the 2.59 ct above - Earrings Anyone ? $54/Stone
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, OV, 3.26 cts, 11.3x9.0 mm - Old Stock - Bright Orange/RED Citrine from Brazil - We haven't seen any of this material in the market in many years - CLEAN and PRETTY $65/Stone
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, PS, 2.20 cts, 9.6x7.6 mm - These are all nice ring or pendant gems and are very collectible too $44/Stone
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, PS, 3.38 cts, 11.8x8.4 mm - Another $68/Stone
CITRINE, RIO GRANDE, PS, 3.88 cts, 12.8x8.5 mm - NICE $78/Stone
CITRINE, YELLOW/ORANGE, EC, 4.42 cts Total Weight, 9.0x7.0 mm - Matched Pair  for Earrings $88/Pair
CLINOHUMITE, OV, 0.39 cts, 5.4x3.0 mm - Bright ORANGE with a hint of Red Collectible Gem - The first time we have handled this Gem - An extremely RARE variety and this one is eye CLEAN and precision cut $156/Stone              
CLINOHUMITE, OV, 0.93 cts, 7.6x5.2 mm - Another $372/Stone
CLINOHUMITE, OV, 1.06 cts, 7.6x5.9 mm - These are PRETTY $424/Stone
CLINOZOISITE, CuA, 0.33 cts, 4.4x3.9 mm - Sri Lankan Dark Brown very collectible GEM and reasonably priced to boot - Special price $83/Stone              
CLINOZOISITE, CuA, 0.35 cts, 4.4x3.9 mm - Another $88/Stone              
CLINOZOISITE, RD, 0.21 cts, 3.7 mm - A small round 'flower cut' Gem $53/Stone              
CREEDITE, EC, 0.40 cts, 5.7x3.5 mm - The 'First' one of these in our 45 years - A translucent to opaque peach colored Brazilian RARITY $800/Stone
CYPRINE, RD, 0.23 cts, 3.8 mm - Rare Blue/Gray collectible gem otherwise known as Cupro-Vesuvianite - Had 3 of these in May 2007 catalog and they sold quickly $115/Stone              
DANBURITE, WHITE, CuA, 1.68 cts, 8.0x6.4 mm - Crystal White - CLEAN - Looks like a 'Crown Jewel' Diamond - Beautifull precision facetting - Not particularly Rare but VERY PRETTY and very collectible $84/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, CuA, 2.20 cts, 8.8x7.0 mm - Another $110/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, EC, 4.19 cts, 11.4x9.9 mm - NICE with extra Facets on the back $210/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, OV, 6.88 cts, 14.0x11.0 mm - Nice stone in a BIG SIZE $344/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, OV, 8.78 cts, 15.3x12.0 mm - Another fantastic clear white Gem  $439/Stone   
DANBURITE, WHITE, PS, 2.71 cts, 13.5x7.7 mm - NICE $136/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, RD, 0.77 cts, 6.0 mm - Looks just like a diamond $40/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, RD, 1.23 cts, 7.0 mm - Another Beautiful Diamond Look-a-like $61/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, RD, 3.58 cts, 10.1 mm - Outstanding $179/Stone
DANBURITE, WHITE, RD, 4.82 cts, 11.0 mm - The brilliance of this Gem variety has always fascinated me $241/Stone
DANBURITE, YELLOW CATSEYE, OV, 1.09 cts, 7.0x5.5 mm - First time we have had this rare catseye stone in a beautiful pastel yellow - RARE $545/Stone              
DANBURITE, YELLOW CATSEYE, OV, 1.91 cts, 7.2x6.9 mm - Another like the above $955/Stone
DANBURITE, YELLOW CATSEYE, OV, 2.96 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Yet another - These are much RARER than the quantity listed here would indicate $1,480/Stone
DANBURITE, YELLOW CATSEYE, RD, 7.74 cts, 11.0 mm - A 'Huge' one - Biggest we have ever seen

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
DANBURITE, YELLOW, CU, 7.55 cts, 22.5x7.3 mm - RARE color variety of Danburite - Danburite is usually a White/Clear/Diamond substitute Gem - This is a nice strong medium pastel Yellow and eye clean - We bought one large crystal and have cut three stones from it - No more expected in the future - Act NOW for your collection $755/Stone  
DANBURITE, YELLOW, CU,11.19 cts, 21.6x8.1 mm - Another $1,678/Stone  
DANBURITE, YELLOW,  OV, 8.48 cts, 13.3x11.1 mm - And another $1,014/Stone              
DATOLITE, EC, 0.94 cts, 6.7x5.2 mm - "Diamond White" collector GEM - We've had these before but not many in 42 years - Quite RARE - CLEAN - VERY reasonably priced $150/Stone
DIASPORE, CuA, 1.97 cts, 8.0x6.6 mm - Color change Gem from Turkey - Also called Zultanite - Changes from pastel Yellow in incandescent to Pastel Yellow/Green in daylight - Quite RARE $788/Stone
DIASPORE, CuA, 2.19 cts, 9.2x6.1 mm - GORGEOUS $876/Stone
DIASPORE, CuA, 9.90 cts, 13.5x10.4 mm - Huge example of this Gem _ Excellent color change

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
DIASPORE, OV, 0.63 cts, 6.0x4.6 mm - And another $158/Stone
DIASPORE, RD, 0.57 cts, 5.1 mm - A Round 'Flower Cut' - SPARKLY ' Bright' $142/Stone
DIASPORE, RD, 0.61 cts, 5.0 mm - Yet another $152/Stone
DIASPORE, RD, 0.93 cts, 5.7 mm - These are much Rarer than the quantity we have listed indicates $232/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, CATSEYE, OV, 0.51 cts, 5.3x4.9 mm - We've had very few of these over the years - Dark Grass Green with a STRONG EYE - Very inexpensive collectible phenomenon Gemstone ? $26/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, CATSEYE, OV, 0.74 cts, 5.9x5.4 mm - We've had very few of these over the years - Dark Grass Green with a STRONG EYE - Very inexpensive collectible phenomenon Gemstone ? $37/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, CATSEYE, RD, 0.78 cts, 5.5 mm - And another $39/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, CU, 1.39 cts Total Weight, 5.0x5.0 mm - Gorgeous matched pair - 'Bright Emerald Green' - WOW $42/Pair
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, CuA, 2.62 cts, 7.9x7.9 mm - A BEAUTY - We were among the first gem dealers to bring Chrome Diopside to the USA after the Soviet Union fell and opened up to trade in early 1990 $262/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, EC, 6.16 cts, 11.9x9.9 mm - Gorgeous Emerald Green Gem from the Russian Far East - This is the biggest one of these we have owned in many many years - RARE in BIG sizes and CLEAN / BRIGHT $1,848/Stone
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, PS, 1.77 cts Total Weight, 7.0x5.0 mm - Another Pair $53/Pair
DIOPSIDE, CHROME, TRL, 1.57 cts Total Weight, 6 mm - Another Pair $47/Pair
DIOPSIDE, LEMON, RD, 0.12 cts, 3.0 mm - A NEW color of diopside recently discovered in Tanzania - Bright Lemon Yellow and CLEAN - These are all small stones and very affordable for the budget conscious collector $24/Stone
DIOPSIDE, LEMON, RD, 0.18 cts, 3.5 mm - And another $36/Stone
DIOPSIDE, LEMON, RD, 0.31 cts, 4.1 mm - These have the sparkle of a BRIGHT light yellow Diamond - PRETTY is an understatement $62/Stone
DIOPSIDE, LEMON, RD, 0.44 cts, 4.7 mm - The biggest we have $88/Stone
DIOPSIDE, OLIVINE GREEN, CuA, 0.69 cts, 6.5x4.5 mm - A 'Pastel' - Interesting color for Diopside - A first for us - Pretty - A good collectible Gem $35/Stone
DIOPSIDE, OLIVINE GREEN, CuA, 0.99 cts, 5.8x5.7 mm - Yet another $49/Stone
DIOPSIDE, OLIVINE GREEN, OV, 1.23 cts, 7.9x5.7 mm - These are 'neat' $62/Stone
DIOPSIDE, OLIVINE GREEN, OV, 2.76 cts, 10.0x7.6 mm - Another and BIG $193/Stone             
DIOPSIDE, OLIVINE GREEN, OV, 4.60 cts, 11.8x9.0 mm - Huge size for a diopside - RARE over 3 cts - Totally saturated dark color - An excellent example of this Gem $920/Stone
DIOPSIDE, YELLOW/GREEN, OV, 3.68 cts, 11.3x8.6 mm - Another Gorgeous GEM $368/Stone              
DIOPSIDE, YELLOW/GREEN, OV, 3.84 cts, 11.6x8.8 mm - This one is HUGE and CLEAN and BRIGHT - RARE in big sizes  $384/Stone              
DIOPTASE, RUSSIAN, CuA, 2.18 cts, 7.8x6.3 mm - Dark Green Opague Gem from Russia (Kazakhstan) - Readily available as a mineral specimen but extremely hard to facet because it is so soft $131/Stone
DIOPTASE, RUSSIAN, OV, 0.99 cts, 6.6x5.6 mm - Another $59/Stone
DIOPTASE, RUSSIAN, RD, 0.47 cts, 5.0 mm - Pretty Green color $30/Stone
DOLOMITE, EC, 0.53 cts, 7.6x3.2 mm - Another with inclusions $21/Stone
DOLOMITE, WHITE, CuA, 1.15 cts, 7.8x5.9 mm - Diamond White Collector Gem from Brazil - This is a common mineral used in a lot of industrial/chemical applications but it is Extremely RARE in transparent facettable material like this is - BEAUTIFUL 'Diamond look' and CLEAN $115/Stone
DOLOMITE, WHITE, CuA, 1.87 cts, 8.8x6.5 mm - "Diamond White" and totally CLEAN $187/Stone
DOLOMITE, WHITE, CuA, 2.05 cts, 8.5x7.5 mm - Another like the above $205/Stone
DOLOMITE, WHITE, EC, 2.02 cts, 8.8x7.3 mm - A BIG One $202/Stone
DOLOMITE, WHITE, OV, 1.66 cts, 9.6x6.4 mm - Another like the above - When these are gone THEY ARE GONE $166/Stone
EKANITE, CuA, 0.54 cts, 5.1x5.1 mm - Dark Gray/Green collectors gem - RARE SPECIES - We do not see these very often $81/Stone
EKANITE, CuA, 0.91 cts, 5.6x5.4 mm - I can match pairs on these if you'd like an unusual pair of earrings $137/Stone
EKANITE, OV, 1.18 cts, 7.9x5.7 mm - Another $177/Stone
EKANITE, RD, 0.96 cts, 6.3 mm - These are nice $144/Stone
EKANITE, TRL, 0.81 cts, 6.2 mm - And another $122/Stone
EMERALD, EC, 0.33 cts, 4.1x3.7 mm - An extremely 'lucky' purchase from a local family whose ancestors were missionaries in Colombia and Brazil in the 1940's and 50's - In all of my 49 years in business I have NEVER owned emeralds as FINE as the next few - This one is definitely from the Chivor or Muzo Mine

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 0.37 cts, 4.2x3.8 mm - Another like the 0.33 ct

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 0.38 cts, 5.1x3.5 mm - WOW -

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 0.60 cts, 6.1x4.7 mm - Outstanding !

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 0.90 cts, 7.1x4.7 mm - 99% CLEAN and perfect Muzo color - I'm amazed and awed !

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 1.54 cts, 7.0x6.9 mm - This one we bought from a local jeweler who took it in-- in trade - for a diamond - I can't imagine why anyone would want a diamond instead of this BEAUTY

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, EC, 6.57 cts, 12.6x10.5 mm - This and the below emeralds of similar color are from an estate and were originally purchased in Colombia about 40 years ago - The estate attorney commissioned us to sell them - If the price is too high - MAKE AN OFFER $6,570/Stone
EMERALD, OV, 0.51 cts, 5.3x4.4 mm - Another one from the missionary hoard - These are exquisite

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, OV, 6.21 cts, 13.0x10.8 mm -           ANOTHER $6,210/Stone             
EMERALD, PS, 0.75 cts, 7.0x5.0 mm - WOW - Definitely Chivor Mine stone from the same missionary hoard

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
EMERALD, PS, 2.56 cts, 13.3x8.8 mm - Yet another - OFFER ? $2,560/Stone
EMERALD, PS, 7.42 cts, 16.7x11.5 mm - These are really quite nice and set in a basket style white or yellow gold ring or pendant with a couple of carats of small diamonds surrounding they will look like $30,000 or more retail $7,420/Stone
EMERALD, RD, 0.51 cts, 4.0 mm - Matched pair of gorgeous IDEAL EMERALD DARK GREEN COLOR and 98% CLEAN GEMS that are either Colombian or Zambian in origin - They don't get any nicer than this - Earrings ? $510/Pair
EMERALD, RD, 0.76 cts, 6.0 mm - Only one of these - This matches the above two pairs if you'd like to have us make up an earring/ pendant set for Christmas or ? $760/Stone
EMERALD, RD, 0.93 cts, 5.0 mm - Another Pair like the above but 5mm each - WOW $930/Pair
EMERALD, RD, 0.98 cts, 6.2 mm - The only 'Round' in the missionary hoard - CLEAN - Perfect Chivor Mine GEM

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ENSTATITE, STAR, OV, 2.18 cts, 8.5x5.8 mm - A "Hyperstene" Enstatite Star that also shows a Catseye phenomenon - Dark brown color - First one of these we've ever seen - RARE ? $800/Stone
ENSTATITE, CATSEYE, RD, 2.16 cts, 7.5 mm - White catseye phenomenon stone - First time we have owned one of these - RARE -Seldom seen collectible gemstone $216/Stone              
ENSTATITE, CATSEYE, RD, 3.14 cts, 8.0 mm - This one is a dark Wine Red color which is even RARER than the White one above $628/Stone
ENSTATITE, OV, 1.83cts, 7.7x7.0 mm - Yellow/Brown with hints of Red - RARE color in a very RARE collectible GEM - A "First" for us in this color - CLEAN $183/Stone              
ENSTATITE, OV, 2.03 cts, 8.5x7.0 mm - This one is orange/brown and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN as are all of these on this list $203/Stone              
ENSTATITE, OV, 2.48 cts, 9.7x7.2 mm - This one is a dark rich brown $248/Stone              
ENSTATITE, WHITE, OV, 0.54 cts, 6.4x4.8 mm - Another but this one is 'Diamond White' $108/Stone              
ENSTATITE, WHITE, OV, 1.11 cts, 7.9x5.7 mm - Will easily fit an 8/6 Oval Head for a stunning Diamond substitute NATURAL Gemstone jewelry piece $222/Stone
ENSTATITE, WHITE, OV, 1.53 cts, 9.4x5.4 mm - The biggest we have left $306/Stone
ENSTATITE, WHITE, RD, 0.66 cts, 5.7 mm - The only Round we have at the present time $132/Stone
EPIDOTE, EC, 1.04 cts, 7.1x5.3 mm - Chocolate Brown RARE GEM - We just bought a small parcel of these - The most we have ever owned at one time in 20 years - select one NOW for your collection $208/Stone
EPIDOTE, EC, 1.41 cts, 6.8x5.7 mm - And another $282/Stone
EPIDOTE, OV, 1.96 cts, 8.3x7.1 mm - And another $392/Stone
EUCLASE, GREEN, EC, 0.58 cts, 5.8x3.6 mm - A different color - A light Pastel Mint Green for this exceedingly RARE GEM - The first we have ever had of this color - We cut 5 stones from a single crystal - When they are gone they are gone $232/Stone             
EUCLASE, GREEN, EC, 0.62 cts, 6.6x4.5 mm - Yet another  $248/Stone              
EUCLASE, GREEN, OV, 0.69 cts, 6.8x4.9 mm - A rare opportunity on these $276/Stone             
EUCLASE, GREEN, OV, 1.86 cts, 9.4x6.9 mm - Biggest and the RAREST $744/Stone             
EUCLASE, WHITE, OV, 0.67 cts, 7.0x5.0 mm - We've only had a couple of these exceedingly rare GEMS in the last 30 years - Beautiful "Diamond White" and very RARE $670/Stone              
EUCLASE, WHITE, RD, 0.41 cts, 5.2 mm - Another but a Round Brilliant Cut $410/Stone              
EUDIALITE, RD, 0.07 cts, 2.4 mm - Another ‘First” for us - This RARE Gem variety is from South Africa - A Bright Transparent Pink/Red Color - Very PRETTY and this is the first time we have ever had the privilege of offering it to our collector customers - We only have a few and they are all SMALL sizes $140/Stone
EUDIALITE, RD, 0.11 cts, 3.0 mm - And another $220/Stone
FELDSPAR, EC, 0.69 cts, 6.5x4.7 mm - Dark Champagne colored Gem from Pakistan - Not particularly rare but difficult to obtain in CLEAN pieces suitable for cutting $34/Stone
FELDSPAR, EC, 0.71 cts, 6.3x5.0 mm - Another like the above and an almost perfect match - Earrings anyone ? $35/Stone
FELDSPAR, EC, 1.16 cts, 7.8x6.0 mm - And another $58/Stone
FELDSPAR, EC, 1.56 cts, 8.3x6.3 mm - Very pleasant $78/Stone
FELDSPAR, OV, 2.25 cts, 10.2x7.4 mm - Nice $112/Stone
FELDSPAR, PS, 2.57 cts, 12.1x7.8 mm - Another BIG one $112/Stone
FIBROLITE, CATSEYE, OV, 7.33 cts, 13.3x10.8 mm - Dark Blackish/Brown Catseye stone -nice SHARP eye - In expensive collectible Gem - CLEAN $73/Stone
FIBROLITE, CATSEYE, RD, 15.34 cts, 12.8 mm - Another HUGE one - NICE $230/Stone              
FIBROLITE, EC, 2.76 cts, 9.7x8.3 mm - Pastel Blue/White - We have never owned one before in this color - RARE RARE RARE $1,200/Stone              
FIBROLITE, OV, 2.42 cts, 10.0x6.7 mm - Another one ? - Still VERY RARE $900/Stone              
FIBROLITE, OV, 3.89 cts, 10.7x9.5 mm - A 'HUGE' One $1,556/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA, 5.18 cts, 16.0x9.7 mm - Medium to Dark Brown Gem from Mexico - The color occurs in 'Bubbles' thruout each stone - This one is Yellow/Orange and Blue/Green - A NICE ONE $104?stone
FIRE AGATE, FA, 5.47 cts, 12.3x11.1 mm - Another like the above $164/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA, 6.47 cts, 14.6x11.1 mm - Same as above - A Beautiful 'Bubble' pattern - Will make an excellent designer ring or pendant $129/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA, 7.00 cts, 14.2x9.5 mm - Another like the above $140/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA,10.10 cts, 17.3x13.0 mm - Strong colors and artistically carved - 'Top' quality Gem $303/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA, 10.51 cts, 17.0x14.0 mm - Yellow, Orange, and Green $210/Stone
FIRE AGATE, FA,13.50 cts, 21.6x15.5 mm - Nice 'speckled' play of color - A BARGAIN $135/Stone  
FLUORITE, BLUE, CuA, 2.72 cts, 9.4x8.0 mm - Dark Blue Zircon color - A Beautiful and CLEAN - Gemstone - These are getting harder and harder to get $41/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, CuA, 6.95 cts, 13.5x10.2 mm - Another BEAUTY - Very intense Blue $104/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, CuA,12.36 cts, 14.5x14.2 mm - IDEAL Paraiba Blue color - ' Intense' is an understatement $185/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, OV, 1.53 cts, 8.5x6.3 mm - Very affordable $23/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, OV, 2.80 cts, 11.3x8.2 mm - I love these $42/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, OV,24.02 cts, 22.7x17.8 mm - Another but HUGE $360/Stone  
FLUORITE, BLUE, RD, 7.52 cts, 12.7 mm - Another BEAUTIFUL 'Ocean' Blue GEM $113/Stone
FLUORITE, BLUE, TRL, 2.86 cts,10.0 mm - A nice Dark Blue Trillion $43/Stone
FLUORITE, CHINESE, FA,25.28 cts, 33.0x14.0 mm - Purple and Yellow color bands on this Chinese Fluorite $50/Stone
FLUORITE, CHINESE, FA,28.98 cts, 22.0x17.0 mm - Multicolor Banding - Very Pretty $58/Stone
FLUORITE, CHINESE, FA,32.60 cts, 23.1x16.3 mm - Another like the above - We selected these from hundreds of cut stones and selected 'the best' for your collecting pleasure $65/Stone
FLUORITE, CHINESE, FA,34.34 cts, 22.5x17.9 mm - And another $69/Stone
FLUORITE, COLOR CHANGE, RD, 3.26 cts, 9.2 mm - Incredible Gem from a new 'find' in Ethiopia - This one goes from a light pinkish beige in incandescent  to a light gray beige in sunlight $489/Stone
FLUORITE, GREEN, OV, 5.17 cts,12.8x10.0 mm - Rich Emerald Green Fluorite - CLEAN $78/Stone
FLUORITE, GREEN, OV, 5.44 cts, 13.1x9.7 mm - Another $82/Stone
FLUORITE, GREEN, OV, 6.63 cts, 13.5x10.6 mm - These are extremely nice $99/Stone
FLUORITE, GREEN, OV, 8.59 cts, 14.1x11.2 mm - BEAUTIFUL $129/Stone
FLUORITE, GREEN, OV,23.66 cts, 20.0x15.2 mm - A Beauty $355/Stone  
FLUORITE, PINK, CuA, 4.57 cts, 10.8x8.7 mm - Light pastel CLEAN fluorite that is a beige/pink color - A RARE and interesting color for Fluorite $457/Stone
FLUORITE, PINK, CuA,21.60m cts, 16.8x15.9 mm - A HUGE and CLEAN example of this Rare Dark Pastel Pink Gem from Pakistan - Pretty is an understatement $1,512/Stone
FLUORITE, PINK, OV, 3.55 cts, 10.6x8.3 mm - Very light pastel pink $180/Stone
FLUORITE, PINK, OV, 6.50 cts, 13.2x9.8 mm - Another like the 3.55 ct $325/Stone
FORSTERITE, CuA, 0.04 cts, 2.2x2.0 mm - Affordable example of a very RARE pastel Yellow GEM $24/Stone
FORSTERITE, OV, 0.07 cts, 3.0x2.2 mm - Another but "Diamond white" $42/Stone
FORSTERITE, OV, 0.10 cts, 3.5x2.5 mm - And another $60/Stone
FORSTERITE, OV, 0.21 cts, 4.3x3.3 mm - "Diamond White" Gem - Just the second time we have have ever owned a colorless Forsterite - Much RARER than price indicates $126/Stone
FORSTERITE, RD, 0.09 cts, 2.7 mm - These were all cut from a couple of crystals I was able to buy very reasonably $54/Stone

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