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OPAL, ANDAMOOKA, OV, 10.57 cts, 30.0x15.0 mm - An 'Outstanding' Gem from the Andamooka Opal Mining area of South Australia - This area has been 'played out' for nearly 40 years - GORGEOUS Blue/Green CRYSTAL material - Check photo on our website - WOW $3,975/Stone
OPAL, ANDEAN , OV, 8.21 cts, 14.0x10.3 mm – Interesting Gem – I've heard about them before but never seen one – This one is military Jade Green and very pleasant appearing – The polish is extraordinary $246/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 1.59 cts, 9.2x7.0 mm - This one has a nice watery green flash that is very typical of quality "Ridge" Black Opals $477/Stone  
OPAL, CLAM SHELL, FA, 46.92 cts, 28.0x25.0 mm – Large Fully Opalized Clam Shell from Coober Pedy Australia – Most of these have a little bit of Precious Opal inside them – When we opened this one up it was GORGEOUS and full of FIREY opal – We have cleaned its surface so it shows an extremely fine Flash – Every color of the rainbow is present – See video on our website - CHEAP $2,346/Stone
OPAL, COOBER PEDY, MQ, 3.18 cts, 20.0x10.6 mm - Spectacular - Mostly Red and Red/Orange Flashes on this one - Exceptional Gem in a Marquise Cut that can easily be set in a 20/10 Marquise Head for a Gorgeous piece of Jewelry $954/Stone
OPAL, COOBER PEDY, OV, 3.82 cts, 12.3x10.0 mm - Classic Coober Pedy Australian Opal - White Base Color with Sprinkles (Pin Fire) and Flash color everywhere - Every color of the Rainbow in this BEAUTY and no Dead Spots $1,140/Stone
OPAL, COOBER PEDY, PS, 2.95 cts, 15.50x10.00 - "Pinfire" GEM Opal Solid from Coober Pedy, Australia - Full FIRE - NO DEAD SPOTS - The Photo doesn't do this Gem justice - It's GORGEOUS and shows all colors of the rainbow - It will easily fit a 15/10 Peartshape Mounting and make an outstanding ring or pendant $1,180/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BEADS, 45 cts Total Weight - An 18 inch "Choker Length" strand of 3mm to 5mm GEM QUALITY Ethiopian 'Button Shaped' Beads - Evey color of the rainbow is present - And finished with a Sterling Silver 'Lobster Claw' Clasp - OUTSTANDING is an understatement - We have 3 strands $450/Strand
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, CuA, 4.28 cts, 14.2x10.7 mm - An outstanding Red/Orange Flash with touches of Blue/Green in this opal color variant - It looks just like a $1,000 to $2,000+ per carat Lightning Ridge Black Opal - BUT - It is, in reality, an Extremely fine quality (Bright Crystalline) NATURAL Ethiopian Opal whose surface features have been permanently darkened by a 'smoking' process that darkens the background matrix of the stone - A totally 'stable'and trade acceptable process that will not change if the stone is worn in a piece of jewelry - VERY VERY PRETTY and ELEGANT

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 1.93 cts, 10.3x8.4 mm – Bright Red and Blue Green Flash – These are PRETTY $193/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 2.29 cts, 10.0-8.0 mm - Outstanding Red/Orange Flash $229/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 2.52 cts, 10.7x8.6 mm - Virtually every color of the Rainbow in this BEAUTY - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 2.94 cts, 10.9x9,0 mm – Strong RED Flash $294/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 3.29 cts, 13.0x10.5 mm – Red/Orange and Yellow/Green Flash $329/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 5.22 cts, 14.5x9.8 mm - Every color in the rainbow flashes in this BEAUTY

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 12.84 cts, 25.0x14.4 mm - A huge example of this Gemstone with BRIGHT Red/Orange Flash and a little Green mixed in for good measure - One of the biggest and nicest of these we have ever seen - OUTSTANDING - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, OV, 14.96 cts, 21.3x17.0 mm - WOW - Blue/Green, Red/Orange, and Yellow FLASHES - Incredibly NICE - I hate to keep using superlatives to describe these Beauties BUT how else can I describe them and do them justice ?

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN BLACK, PS, 6.91 cts, 19.7x11.8 mm - Another like the 4.85 ct but BIGGER

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, CuA, 0.60 cts, 6.0x6.0 mm - That's Right - "Faceted" Ethiopian Opal" - Beautifully done - Bright multicolored flashes on a white base - PRETTY and OH so delicate $60/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, CuA, 1.08 cts, 7.6x7.6 mm - This one is Red/Orange Flash $108/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, EC, 0.78 cts, 8.0x5.0 mm - Bright Bright Bright Red/Orange Blue/Green and Yellow $78/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, OV, 1.19 cts, 9.4x7.4 mm - Another $119/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, OV, 1.22 cts, 9.5x7.0 mm - Bright Blue/Green Flashes $122/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, OV, 1.26 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Extremely BRIGHT Red/Orange Flashes and other colors $126/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, OV, 1.77 cts, 10.7x7.9 mm - GORGEOUS Blue/Green $177/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, RD, 0.84 cts, 7.8 mm - Another Blue/Green Flash on a n Orange Base Color $84/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, RD, 1.00 cts, 8.2 mm - Blue/Green - GORGEOUS $100/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN FACETTED, TRL, 1.22 cts, 9.2 mm - WOW - This ones got every color and is cut in a perfect trillion shape $122/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, FA, 2.76 cts, 14.4x8.5 mm - Another honey base color with BRIGHT Red/Orange FLASH predominating - Looks like a VERY HOT fireplace $276/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 0.65 cts, 7.0x6.0 mm - Nice Bright Flashes similar to the 0.43 ct above - Our photography doesn't do these GEM S justice $65/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 1.02 cts, 8.5x6.5 mm - Yet another $102/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 1.19 cts, 9.5x7.2 mm - The photos on the website cannot capture all the 'moving' FLASHES of COLOR that occurs when you move these stones around a bit - WOW $119/Stone  
OPAl, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 1.29 cts, 9.4x7.4 mm - Exceptionally BRIGHT $129/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 1.81 cts, 10.2x8.0 mm – Almost a perfect 10/8 for easy setting $181/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 2.13 cts, 10.0x8.0 mm  – Absolutely PERFECT Gem – Every color present and FLASHES and NO ‘Dead’ Spots’ when you roll it around in your fingers $639/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 3.12 cts, 12.2x9.3 mm – Gorgeous $312/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, OV, 12.01 cts, 18.9x15.6 mm - Another outstanding Opal similar to the 5.68 ct above but much bigger - WOW !

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, PS, 6.57 cts, 20.7x11.0 mm - Another - just as BRIGHT - but BIGGER than the 4.77 ct $1,314/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, RD, 1.40 cts, 8.3 mm - BEAUTIFUL Bright Multi- colored flashes - You will be pleased $140/Stone  
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, RD, 1.53 cts, 9.8 mm – Flashes every color in the Rainbow $153/Stone
OPAL, ETHIOPIAN, RD, 4.47 cts, 12.7 mm - Another like the 5.54 ct OVAL and 5.89 ct PEARSHAPE - The website photos just do not do justice to these GEMS $894/Stone  
OPAL, LIGHTNING RIDGE, FA, 20.78 cts, 38.0X14.0 mm - I bought this GEM on my first trip to 'The Ridge' over 45 years ago - Put it away and forgot about it - An outstanding Blue/Green 'FLASH' on gray base 'Ridge' Opal -The best way to describe it is WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, MQ, 0.18cts Average, 6.0x3.0 mm -  Gorgeous facetted bright Red/Orange Mexican "Fire" Opal - We have 40 of these and can match pairs for earrings or ? $7/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, MQ, 0.62 cts Average, 8.0x4.0 mm - 30 of these similar to the 6/3's above $25/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, OV, 0.30 cts Average, 6.0x4.0 mm - 25 of these so pairs are available ? $12/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, OV, 0.90 cts, 8.1x6.3 mm - Gorgeous BRIGHT Orange/Red $65/Stone  
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, OV, 1.09 cts, 8.1x6.3 mm - Milky Red to Red/Orange - Magnificent fire here $65/Stone  
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, OV, 3.41 cts, 12.3x9.6 mm – Another 'Orange Pop' BEAUTY but bigger $205/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, OV, 5.49 cts, 16.0x9.9 mm – Bright Red/Orange Color and a 100% CLEAN Cabochon – Beautiful example – This Gem material is hard to find in large CLEAN Stone $330/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, PS, 1.29 cts, 10.0x7.0 mm - A almost perfect match to the 1.32 ct Below - Earrings anyone ? $77/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, PS, 1.32 cts, 10.0x7.6 mm - Wow $79/Stone  
OPAL, MEXICAN CHERRY, PS, 1.91 cts, 12.0x8.0 mm - Will easily fit into 12/8 Pearshape Head - Bright Red/Orange $115/Stone  
OPAL, MEXICAN FIRE, OV, 2.29 cts, 13.2x9.3 mm - Translucent/Transparent White 'skim milk' base color - This one has the  full color spectrum but green predominates - The quality of these is OUTSTANDING $458/Stone
OPAL, MEXICAN FIRE, RD, 1.39 cts, 8.2 mm - Another "Skim Milk" base colored GEM with a full spectrum of fire  $278/Stone
OPAL, MINTABIE BLACK, FA, 2.88 cts, 12.6x8.9 mm - BRIGHT RED Gem in a light gray base color - Exceptional RED RED RFD Flash ! - A designers 'dream' $1,440/Stone  
OPAL, MINTABIE BLACK, OV, 1.27 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Blue/Green "Waves" of color on a dark Gray/Black "base" color - An excellent "Black" opal from Mintabie, Australia $381/Stone
OPAL, MINTABIE BLACK, OV, 2.76 cts, 12.7x9.9 mm - Similar to 5.98 below $552/Stone
OPAL, MINTABIE BLACK, OV, 5.98 cts, 16.9x11.2 mm - Another - INCREDIBLE 'Flash'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
OPAL, MINTABIE BLACK, OV, 8.18 cts, 17.1x13.8 mm - Another one $1,636/Stone  
OPAL, PERUVIAN PINK, OV, 2.60 cts, 11.8x10.1 mm - New variety of opal with a Bright Pink Base Color discovered in Peru a few years ago - A 'First' for us - This one has small Bright Red/Orange and other color flashes - Pretty and very feminine $78/Stone
OPAL, PERUVIAN PINK, RD, 2.98 cts, 11.1 mm - Dark Dusty Pink Color Base with Intense RED/Orange Flashes $89/Stone
OPAL, PERUVIAN PINK, RD, 3.10 cts, 10.8 mm - This one is more of a Gray/Pink with flashes of color - You will like $93/Stone  
OPAL, PS, 5.00 cts (12 pieces), 8.0x5.0 mm – Matched suite of 12 pieces – Perfectly matched – Bright Bright multi-colored Gems– As nice as they get – I can make you an exquisite bracelet from these stones $360/12 Gems
OPAL, TANZANIAN, OV, 2.87 cts, 12.0x9.3 mm - Another $58/Stone
OPAL, TANZANIAN, RD, 1.42 cts, 8.3 mm - A Round One $27/Stone
OPAL, TANZANIAN, RD, 1.52 cts, 8.5 mm - Good match to the 1.42 ct one above - Earrings $30/Stone
OPAL, TANZANIAN, RD, 5.15 cts, 12.8 mm - Interesting $103/Stone  
ORTHOCLASE, OV, 3.27 cts, 11.0x9.l mm -  A BEAUTIFULLY facetted - 100% CLEAN - Lemon Yellow collectible gem - This is not a particularly rare variety of gem but this clarity and quality of cutting is very unusual - If you like perfection in your GEMS - This is it $163/Stone
ORTHOCLASE, OV, 8.18 cts, 15.8x11.8 mm - Another like the 3.82 cts

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ORTHOCLASE, RD, 2.57 cts, 8.9 mm - A Beauty $128/Stone
ORTHOCLASE, RD, 6.87 cts, 12.5 mm - Very light 'pastel' yellow collector Gem - LARGE and CLEAN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
ORTHOCLASE, RD, 16.87 cts, 17.3 mm - This one is HUGE and has a Sri Lankan 'flower cut' pavillion that makes it sparkle and say WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PAINITE, EC, 0.18 cts, 3.2x3.0 mm - A recently discovered small group of dark brownish-black crystals (about 50) of this RARE GEM in Brazil - These are NOT clean like the Burmese example on this list but THEY ARE RARE $720/Stone
PAINITE, OV, 0.33 cts, 4.5x4.0 mm – A BARGAIN for this RARE variety from the Brazil parcel

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PARGASITE, CuA, 0.23 cts, 4.0x3.5 mm - "Diamond White" collectible gem - QUITE RARE - We have only had a couple before we bought this small grouping in June - AFFORDABLE $230/Stone
PARGASITE, CuA, 0.89 cts, 7.0x5.0 mm – This one is GREEN ? - Unique ? You tell me ?

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PARGASITE, OV, 0.24 cts, 4.5x3.5 mm - Another BEAUTY $240/Stone
PARGASITE, OV, 0.32 cts, 5.0x2.8 mm - They are even RARER above 1/4 ct in size

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PARGASITE, OV, 0.34 cts, 5.0x4.1 mm - Another $446/Stone
PARISITE, OV, 0.42 cts, 5.0x4.0 mm – Another new variety $480/Stone
PEARL, MABE, HS, 28.0x25.0 mm - Single Mabe - Cultured Mabe Pearl from the Mabe Mollusk in New Zealand waters - Old stock - NICE LUSTRE - Rarely seen any more - When paired they are commonly made into designer earrings $80/Pearl
PEARL, MABE, PS, Pair, 18.0x13.0 mm - Pearshape Pair - Outstanding earring candidates $80/Pair
PEARL, MABE, PS, Pair, 25.0x14.0 mm - Bigger pearshapes $95/Pair
PEARL, MABE, RD, Pair, 12 mm - - Another matched pair but much bigger $60/Pair
PEARL, MABE, RD, Pair, 14 mm - Beautiful $80/Pair
PEARLS, CULTURED, RD, 6.5-7.0 mm - 18 inch Knotted Strand of Japanese Akoya Salt Water Pearls with a 14K Yellow OR White Gold Fish Hook Clasp Attachment (Your Choice) - A Beautiful High Luster Strand with No Blemishes - We got this from an estate and have had it re-strung with silk just for YOU - These are quality Pearls and don't get any nicer than this ! - A BARGAIN $600/Strand
PEARLS, CULTURED, RD, 7.5-8.0 mm - 18 inch Knotted 'Choker' Strand just like the above - Extremely nice strand $990/Strand
PECTOLITE, EC, 1.07 cts, 9.0x5.0 mm – Another new Gem variety – I think this catalog has a record number of new varieties for us - We bought a couple of very extensive OLD Collections recently

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PERIDOT, OV, 1.91 cts, 8.8x6.9 mm - Large Arizona Peridot - Bright Yellow/Green from the Apache Reservation - RARE in big sizes
PERIDOT, OV, 4.07 cts, 10.7x8.1 mm - Another dark olivine green GEM $203/Stone  
PERIDOT, PS, 1.40 cts, 8.9x6.5 mm - Hand selected by us $42/Stone
PERIDOT, PS, 2.14 cts, 10.4x7.5 mm - Pretty Olivine Green $85/Stone  
PERIDOT, TRL, 1.68 cts, 7.6 mm - Dark Olivine Green color $70/Stone  
PERIDOT, TRL, 4.49 cts, 11.0x11.0 mm – HUGE Peridot – Checkerboard Table – Extremely BRIGHT Gem
PETALITE, COLOR CHANGE, OV, 0.36 cts, 5.7x4.4mm – Slight color change -Very affordable size for this Burmese Collectible Gem $65/Stone
PETALITE, COLOR CHANGE, RD, 0.22 cts, 4.2 mm – Another $33/Stone
PETALITE, COLOR CHANGE, RD, 0.29 cts, 4.6 mm – And another $44/Stone
PETALITE, CU, 1.92 cts, 8.2x7.8 mm - Diamond White Collectible Gem $192/Stone  
PETALITE, CuA, 0.87 cts, 7.7x5.5 mm - White - Looks just like a European "Crown Jewel" and considerably RARER than one - Gorgeous $87/Stone  
PETALITE, CuA, 5.70 cts, 14.6x9.9 mm - HUGE - It sure looks like a BIG Diamond and CLEAN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PETALITE, CuA, 19.70 cts, 18.4x15.8 mm - Biggest one I've ever seen/owned - CLEAN - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube

PETALITE, EC, 2.77 cts, 13.5x8.2 mm - Beautiful $277/Stone  
PETALITE, OV, 0.90 cts, 7.7x5.7 mm - Another beauty and this one is an Oval $90/Stone  
PETALITE, OV, 2.97 cts, 10.9x8.3 mm - White - Gorgeous precision facetting and CLEAN as are all Petalites on this list $104/Stone  
PETALITE, OV, 5.16 cts, 14.0x11.0 mm - A BEAUTIFUL Oval that should fit easily into a 14/10 Pendant Mounting - It will look SPECTACULAR

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PEZZOTTAITE, OV, 0.44 cts, 5.7x4.6 mm – From Burma – Extremely RARE Orange/Pink Gem – The last time we had one of these (many years ago) it sold within a week – RARE RARE RARE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PHENAKITE, CATSEYE, OV, 35.45 cts, 20.4x16.0 mm - The BIGGEST one of these that I have ever seen - GORGEOUS $3,545/Stone  
PHENAKITE, OV, 10.33 cts, 16.4x13.7 mm - A HUGE one with a “Flower Cut” back - All of these 1-12 ct sizes were cut from the same piece of rough which we were finally able to purchase after a  5+ year search - These are DIFFICULT to obtain 

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PHOSPHOPHYLLITE, OV, 0.60 cts, 6.3x4.1 mm - Found another one of these by accident in a dealers stock - RARER than "hen's teeth"

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PHOSPHOSIDERITE, OV, 9.20 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - BEAUTIFUL $46/Stone
PHOSPHOSIDERITE, RD, 6.78 cts, 11.9 mm - Wow $35/Stone
PHOSPHOSIDERITE, RD, 10.07 cts, 14.9 mm - And another $50/Stone
POLLUCITE, CuA, 2.13 cts, 8.6x7.5 mm - 'White'  very collectible Gem

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
POLLUCITE, CuA, 4.01 cts, 10.9x9.0 mm - Looks just like a DIAMOND

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
POLLUCITE, OV, 0.54 cts, 6.1x4.7 mm - Another beauty $81/Stone
POLLUCITE, OV, 1.12 cts, 7.5x5.8 mm - Another one over l ct cut from the same crystal - WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
POLLUCITE, OV, 1.54 cts, 9.0x7.5 mm - Another BEAUTY $240/Stone  
POLLUCITE, OV, 2.41 cts, 9.6x7.6 mm - These are incredibly BEAUTIFUL

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
POLLUCITE, RD, 0.34 cts, 4.5mm - Another but 'flower cut' $51/Stone  
POUDRETTEITE, EC, 0.10 cts, 3.8x2.4 mm – Very affordable example of this Extremely RARE Gem

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
POUDRETTEITE, OV, 0.36 cts, 5.0x4.0 mm – The last one of these Burmes Gems I had “flew” out the door

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PRASIOLITE, OV, 4.10 cts, 12.5x9.6 mm - This quartz variety is often called 'green quartz' - It was heavily promoted on the TV Home Shopping Networks - Not particularly 'rare' but an interesting variety of quartz just the same - VERY collectible and mounts beautifully too $41/Stone  
PRASIOLITE, OV, 13.01 cts, 18.0x13.0 mm – Another but BIGGER

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PRASIOLITE, PS, 7.27 cts, 17.9x12.3 mm - An excellent candidate for a wirewrapped pendant $73/Stone  
PRASIOLITE, RD, 5.55 cts, 12.0 mm – GORGEOUS with extra facetted ‘millenium cut’ back – BRIGHT is an understatement

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PRASIOLITE, RD, 15.61 cts, 16.9 mm - Another "flower cut" $156/Stone  
PREHNITE, CABOCHON, CuA, 10.05 cts, l5.3x11.4 mm - Glacial Yellow/Green - Nice $60/Stone
PREHNITE, CABOCHON, OV, 12.54 cts, 15.0x12.2 - Another $75/Stone
PREHNITE, CABOCHON, RD, 12.85 cts, 14.0 mm - Yet Another $77/Stone
PREHNITE, CuA, 12.68 cts, 16.2x16.2 mm – A “Huge” One

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
PREHNITE, EPIDOTE, OV, 4.52 cts, 12.4x9.8 mm - Translucent Yellow/Green Facetted Prehnite from Brazil with Epidote needles inside - Another new collectible Gem for us $90/Stone  
PREHNITE, EPIDOTE, OV, 10.51 cts, 15.7x12.2 mm - A BIG one $210/Stone  
PREHNITE, EPIDOTE, RD, 1.94 cts, 7.9 mm - Another but a Round $39/Stone  
PREHNITE, EPIDOTE, TRL, 3.77 cts, 10.7 mm - Another $75/Stone
PREHNITE, EPIDOTE, TRL, 13.49 cts, 17.0 mm - The biggest we have $270/Stone  
PREHNITE, FACETTED, OV, 5.35 cts, 13.5x10.1 mm - A 'BIG' one $108/Stone  
PREHNITE, FACETTED, OV, 5.70 cts, 14.0x10.0 mm - Will easily fit a standard 14/10 Oval Head for easy setting $114/Stone
PREHNITE, FACETTED, OV,  9.87 cts, 16.8x12.4 mm - NICE and BIG $198/Stone  
PREHNITE, FACETTED, OV, 10.63 cts, 17.5x12.5 mm - A HUGE one - Biggest we have $212/Stone  
PREHNITE, FACETTED, RD, 2.15 cts, 8.6 mm - Exceptional Cut $65/Stone
QUARTZ, AMPHYBOLE, TRL, 17.12 cts, 20.1x18.2 mm – Nice $171/Stone
QUARTZ, AMPHYBOLE, TRL, 17.95 cts, 22.0x15.0 mm - Unusual pattern in this one - Wow $180/Stone
QUARTZ, BICOLOR, EC, 12.25 cts, 22.0x10.0 mm – Millenium cut back on this Beauty – Nice half and half Yellow/White color separation – PRETTY

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, BROOKITE, CABOCHON, OV, 7.23 cts, 14.6x10.3 mm – Unusual mineral combination from Brazil – We had some of these a few years ago and they sold quickly – So now a few more $36/Stone
QUARTZ, BROOKITE, CABOCHON, OV,14.83 cts, 21.3x11.9 mm – Another but bigger $75/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, CuA, 7.82 cts, 16.6x13.1 mm - Wow $117/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, CuA, 9.33 cts, 16.4x14.6 mm - It's hard to describe these - SO - Check out the photos on our website $93/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, OV, 6.28 cts, 14.9x12.8 mm - These will make excellent wirewrapped jewelry ? $94/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, OV, 7.12 cts, 16.6x13.3 mm - Nice $71/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, OV, 10.48 cts, 19.0x15.2 mm - Unusual and very pretty pattern in this one $157/Stone  
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST,OV, 12.25 cts, 22.5x15.6 mm - These sell very fast $184/Stone
QUARTZ, CACOXENITE/AMETHYST, PS, 11.18 cts, 22.2x12.8 mm - The biggest we have at present $119/Stone
QUARTZ, CHLORITE, CuA, 6.41 cts, 12.6x10.9 mm - Another new quartz combination for us -Quartz with chlorite crystals inside $64/Stone  
QUARTZ, CHLORITE, CuA, 7.71 cts, 13.4x11.3 mm - Another new quartz combination for us - Quartz with chlorite crystals inside - These are interesting $77/Stone
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), CuA, 3.27 cts, 9.8x8.8 mm – Pretty $33/Stone
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), CuA, 5.58 cts, 12.0x10.0 mm - A Beauty with a 'checkerboard' table $56/Stone  
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), CuA, 6.23 cts, 12.0x12.0 mm – Very pleasant cutting on all of these $62/Stone
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), OV, 6.27 cts, 14.0x10.3 mm – NICE $63/Stone
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), OV, 53.0 cts, 28X22 mm - A BIG one - Pendant anyone ? $265/Stone
QUARTZ, CITRINE (UNHEATED), RD, 10.34 cts, 13.5 mm - The only Round we have at this time - BRIGHT $103/Stone
QUARTZ, DENDRITIC, CuA, 36.72 cts, 30.0x20.0 mm - Abnother GORGEOUS example - We hand select these from several thousand offered us each year by a very skilled Brazilian Cutter $220/Stone
QUARTZ, DENDRITIC, PS, 13.69 cts, 19.6x16.0 mm – Beautiful pattern and extremely high polish $82/Stone
QUARTZ, DUMORITERITE, PS, 4.54 cts, 13.0x9.9 mm - Extremely RARE combination of Quartz and another mineral (Dumoriterite)- I've never owned one or even seen one before - from Brazil, I think. $780/Stone  
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, EC, 4.61 cts, 12.0x7.7 mm - Another "first" for us - These crystal clear - NO cracks Gems have fully formed fluorite crystals inside - RARE 

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, EC, 7.76 cts, 14.9x10.0 mm - Another

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, Kite, 10.89 cts, 32.0x13.8 mm - Jewelry designer piece ?

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, OV, 5.35 cts, 12.2x10.2 mm - Another

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, OV, 17.09 cts, 20.1x15.2 mm - Huge piece

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, FLUORITE, PS, 14.79 cts, 25.0x14.2 mm - Very interesting material

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, GOLD, EC, 57.30 cts, 27.0x20.0 mm – A HUGE one

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, GOLD, OV, 18.62 cts, 20.7x14.5 mm - A 'Rich' Dark Gold Color - With a little manipulating will easily fit into a 20/15 Head for a SPECTACULAR piece of Jewelry - GORGEOUS

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, GOLD, OV, 28.52 cts, 22.5x17.8 mm - Another nice Dark Gold Beauty

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, GOLD, TRL, 1.60 cts, 8.0 mm - Nice Bright GOLD $30/Stone
QUARTZ, GREEN TOURMALINE, PS, 55.0 cts, 40.0x30.0 mm - A ‘mass’ of grass green criss-crossing Tourmaline needles in clear quartz - Another new quartz combination for us... $550/Stone
QUARTZ, GREEN/GOLD BICOLOR, EC, 19.09 cts, 32.0x9.5 mm - Another but an especially 'long' one - Excellent for a 'designe'r pendant $95/Stone  
QUARTZ, GREEN/GOLD BICOLOR, EC, 19.80 cts, 26.0x10.9 mm - And another - These are 'neat' $99/Stone  
QUARTZ, HEMATOID, CuA, 5.26 cts, 13.3x10.0 mm - Beautiful RED 'Blood Spot' in the center of this "Buff Top" stone - "Showey" is the best way to describe this 'Bleeding' Quartz $80/Stone
QUARTZ, HEMATOID, CuA, 8.20 cts, 14.4x12.2 mm - Another "Buff Top" - I love these $123/Stone
QUARTZ, HEMATOID, OV, 85.00 cts, 34.0x26.0 mm - Small 'pocket' of this UNIQUE GEM material found in Brazil a few months back - Looks just like blood splashes inside of optically clear Quartz - Written up in one of the specialty Gemological Magazines - When these cabochons are gone - They are GONE - RARE is an UNDERSTATEMENT ! $1,275/Stone  
QUARTZ, HEMATOID, PS, 10.97 cts, 19.6x13.6 mm - And another $165/Stone  
QUARTZ, HEMATOID, PS, 17.77 cts, 21.8x16.0 mm - Nice conversation starter pendant ? $266/Stone  
QUARTZ, HONEY, RD, 46.60 cts, 21.0 mm – A Beautiful Light Honey (Yellow/Brown) Color – CLEAN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, INSIDE QUARTZ, CU, 23.69, 17.5x16.0 mm - Beautiful fully formed Quartz Crystal inside a piece of optically CLEAN Brazilian Quartz - Also called "Phantom Quartz" $237/Stone  
QUARTZ, INSIDE QUARTZ, OV, 37.67 cts, 25.0x17.9 mm - WOW - Quartz crystal is perfectly centered inside this Gem $378/Stone
QUARTZ, INSIDE QUARTZ, PS, 20.10 cts, 23.1x18.8 mm - These are outstanding $231/Stone  
QUARTZ, INSIDE QUARTZ, TRL, 36.00 cts, 25.0x23.8 mm - These are NICE Crack Free pieces $360/Stone  
QUARTZ, LEMON CATSEYE, RD, 6.90 cts, 13.6 mm – Another – These will sell fast at this price $35/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON CATSEYE, RD, 8,37 cts, 12.7 mm – Another $42/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON CATSEYE, RD, 8.63 cts, 12.0 mm - It’s been a long time since we’ve had these gorgeous catseyes in stock $43/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON, EC, 14.62 cts, 28.0x9.2 mm - 'Long' Emerald Cut - This one is actually bicolor with Pastel Lemon Quartz on one end and clear white quartz on the other - Unusual $88/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON, OV, 15.11 cts, 21.8x16.0 mm - Another millenium cut BEAUTY $91/Stone  
QUARTZ, LEMON, OV, 30.88 cts, 22.5x19.2 mm - Huge one - Pretty pastel lemon Yellow $185/Stone  
QUARTZ, LEMON, PS,16.80 cts, 20.5x14.2 mm - Beautiful $101/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON, PS, 43.48 cts, 29.0x26.0 mm - The biggest we have - Wirewrapped Pendant Anyone ? $261/Stone
QUARTZ, LEMON, RD, 7.30 cts, 14.0 mm – Outstanding - CLEAN – Flower Cut Round – It ‘GLOWS”

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, LEMON, RD, 26.25 cts, 21.0 mm - Gorgeous Pastel - Lemon Yellow Quartz - It "sparkles'

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, ORANGE, PS, 28.21 cts, 22.8x19.3 mm - A HUGE one - CLEAN and "OH" so Brightly Cut

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, PICTURE, CU, 17.93 cts, 16.9x14.8 mm – These fly out the door – this one is a nice desert scene $90/Stone
QUARTZ, PICTURE, MQ, 46.12 cts, 38.0x18.5 mm - Really nice 'bush in the desert scene' - Clean Quartz - No cracks - NICE $230/Stone  
QUARTZ, PICTURE, OV, 12.71 cts, 15.9x12.4 mm – 3 dimensonal bush scene – BEAUTIFUL $63/Stone
QUARTZ, PICTURE, OV, 18.53cts, 21.9x13.9 mm – Bushes in the desert – These are neat $93/Stone
QUARTZ, PICTURE, TRL, 39.11 cts, 29.0x22.0 mm - Forest in the Fall $195/Stone  
QUARTZ, PYRITIZED, OV, 18.78 cts, 21.6x16.0 mm - Small fully formed pyrite crystals inside $103/Stone  
QUARTZ, PYRITIZED, RD,14.18 cts, 17.0 mm - Another nice one $85/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE CABOCHON, CuA, 31.80 cts, 18.0x18.0 mm - Nice uniform medium Pink - CLEAN - No cracks $191/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE CABOCHON, RD, 12.90 cts, 15.0 mm - Dark Pink - Opaque - CLEAN - No cracks $77/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE CABOCHON, RD, 36.50 cts, 20.0 mm - When buying we hand select these for quality $219/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE CABOCHON, RD, 38.92cts, 20.8 mm - Beautiful Feminine Opaque Pastel Pink Color - NO cracks $233/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, CuA, 23.44 cts, 19.9x17.4 mm - Very pleasant translucent 'baby pink' gemstone - NO CRACKS - Cabochon Top and Facetted Back - Wirewrap ? $141/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, EC, 30.02 cts, 23.0x16.5 mm - Nicely proportioned cutting and 'Flawless' - Unusual for this big

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, PS, 28.08 cts, 25.0x19.2 mm - Big - Very Pretty Gemstone - Wirewrappers ? $168/Stone
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, PS, 6.25 cts, 18.7x11.4 mm - Pastel Pink and very delicate $38/Stone
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, PS, 30.46 cts, 26.0x18.8 mm - A Beautiful crack free Gemstone $183/Stone  
QUARTZ, ROSE FACETTED, RD, 23.64 cts, 19.6 mm - Outstanding Cutting - CLEAN and very pretty Pink

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
QUARTZ, ROSE STAR, OV, 6.45 cts,11.1x10.1 mm – Another but Bigge $65/Stone
QUARTZ, ROSE STAR, RD, 24.00 cts, 17.4 mm – The BIGGEST we have $240/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED "STAR", PS, 12.62 cts, 17.9x14.9 mm - And another

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED “STAR”, PS, 24.79 cts, 28.0x17.5 mm – I like these

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED "STAR", PS, 43.80 cts, 31.0x27.0 mm - Interesting

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED “STAR”, OV, 11.00 cts, 16.3x15.0 mm – These are nice unusual Gemstones $220/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CABOCHON, OV, 8.00 cts Average, 14.0x10.0 mm -We have 5 of these with nice Gold Rutile Needles inside $40/Each
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CABOCHON, OV, 9.88 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - 'Fine' Rutile needles $49/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CABOCHON, OV, 10.21 cts, 16.0x12.0 mm - Matches 9.88 ct - Earrings anyone ? $51/Stone  

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CABOCHON, RD, 22.63 cts, 18.0 mm - Heavy nice Rutile pattern in this one $113/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CATSEYE, RD, 1.20 cts, 5.5 mm – Unusual form for Rutilated Quartz – A distinct Catseye $24/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CATSEYE, RD. 1.97 cts, 7,1 mm – Another but Bigger $39/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED CATSEYE, RD, 2.64 cts, 8.3 mm – The Biggest we have $53/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED FACETTED, RD, 12.50 cts, 16.0 mm - Beautiful FRACTURE FREE - Nice

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED FACETTED, RD, 19.34 cts, 18.0 mm - Gorgeous Round $155/Stone  
QUARTZ, RUTILATED RED, PS, 22.60 cts,28.0x17.3 mm - This will make a very interesting/eye catching pendant $113/Stone  
QUARTZ, RUTILATED, OV, 13.45 cts, 18.0x13.0 mm – Outstanding Gold Rutile Needles in this Beauty

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, RUTILATED, OV, 19.6l cts, 19.8x15.3 mm - Very 'showy' Rutilated Quartz Cabochon - Rutile needles criss/cross thruout the stone $98/Stone
QUARTZ, RUTILATED, OV, 54.00 cts, 34.0x22.0 mm - A 'Huge' one - The Chinese market is very 'Hot' on this material $270/Stone  
QUARTZ, RUTILATED, PS, 28.33 cts, 32.0x18.0 mm - A pearshape $142/Stone  
QUARTZ, RUTILATED, PS, 62.00 cts, 31.0x25.0 mm - The biggest we have and this one has an exceptional dispersion of Rutile Needles $310/Stone  
QUARTZ, SCAPOLITE, OV, 7.29 cts, 19.4x9.7 mm - Nice $73/Stone  
QUARTZ, SCAPOLITE, OV, 9.72 cts, 19.5x11.8 mm - Very very unusual quartz variety $97/Stone  
QUARTZ, SCAPOLITE, OV, 11.57 cts, 25.0x19.6 mm - These are 'neat' $116/Stone  
QUARTZ, SMOKEY CATSEYE, RD, 6.30 cts, 12.0 mm - Nice Brownish/Gray Catseye Gem - Very masculine $62/Stone  
QUARTZ, SMOKEY CATSEYE, RD, 13.07 cts, 14.5 mm - When these are gone - We have NO more $131/Stone  
QUARTZ, SMOKEY, OV, 80.00 cts, 30.0x22.0 mm - 'High domed' CLEAN perfect 30/22 cabochon smokey quartz - This was precision cut and polished with a mirror polish by a very skilled craftsman - PERFECT PROPORTIONS - We bought 6 of these with an average weight of 80 carats each - A BARGAIN for this quality $100/Stone  
QUARTZ, SMOKEY/GOLD, OV, 38.83 cts, 25.0x19.5 mm - BEAUTIFUL Oval - Will make an outstanding pendant

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, SMOKEY/GOLD, PS, 35.67 cts, 31.0x20.0 mm - A 'checkerboard tabled' BEAUTY $357/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, CuA, 6.25 cts, 13.0x11.2 mm - Another new variety of quartz to collect - These have brown 'spots' that look just like 'leopard spots' inside of clear 'crack free' quartz - VERY VERY interesting $62/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, OV, 4.70 cts, 13.8x10.0 mm - Another $47/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, OV, 6.31 cts, 16.0x10.9 mm - This one has 3 distinct brown 'spots' - Very PRETTY $63/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, PS, 3.53 cts, 13.8x9.4 mm - One spot $35/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, PS, 16.10 cts, 22.0x16.5 mm - This one 5 'spots' $161/Stone  
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, TRL, 3.34 cts, 13.9x9.7 mm - One BIG 'spot' $33/Stone
QUARTZ, SPOTTED, TRL, 9.02 cts, 18.7x15.4 mm - This one reflects 4 spots from the top but it actually contains 2 - NEAT $90/Stone  
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY CABOCHON, OV, 6.35 cts, 13.7x11.6 mm – Beautiful Quartz Variety – Clear Quartz with Red spots thruout – Interesting piece for jewelry ? $64/Stone
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY CABOCHON, OV, 8.56 cts, 15.7x11.1 mm – Another $85/Stone
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY CABOCHON, OV, 11.79 cts, 15.7x13.3 mm – Pretty $118/Stone
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY CABOCHON, OV, 14.45 cts, 17.0x14.2 mm – Another – Every one of these Quartzes are selected from hundreds offered me and are the BEST $145/Stone
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY FACETTED, EC, 19.90 cts, 20.3x14.0 mm - Similar to the cabochons above but facetted $199/Stone  
QUARTZ, STRAWBERRY FACETTED, OV, 24.50 cts, 22.1x17.7 mm - Another $245/Stone  
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED with HEMATITE, OV, 32.59 cts, 26x20 mm - Yet another - These are very 'different' and unusual GEMS and very collectible $65/Stone  
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED, BLACK, MQ, 6.42 cts, 32.0x7.8 mm - Interesting Tourmaline criss-cross pattern $35/Stone
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED, BLACK, OV, 11.04 cts, 15.5x12.2 mm - Three big/thick Tourmaline needles in this one $55/Stone  
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED, BLACK, TRL, 4.45 cts, 12.0 mm – Nice Black Tourmaline crystals in this one – NO Cracks

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED, BLACK, TRL, 9.19 cts, 9.5x13.6 mm - Incredibly pretty piece with a very interesting needle pattern $46/Stone  
QUARTZ, TOURMALINATED, BLACK, TRL, 15.28 cts, 21.5x17.8 mm - Just a delicate few in this piece $76/Stone  
QUARTZ, TOURMALINE/GRAPHITE, OV, 8.48 cts, 16.0x11.9 mm - Many fine 'hair-like' needles in this one $42/Stone
QUARTZ, TOURMALINE/GRAPHITE, TRL, 13.12 cts, 19.9x15.3 mm - Another $66/Stone  
QUARTZ, TRIOLITE, MQ, 23.49 cts, 37.0x28.4 mm - Similar to 30.0 ct below $188/Stone
QUARTZ, TRIOLITE, PS, 30.00 cts, 40x17.8 mm - New variety of quartz for us - This one is an opaque cabochon with the mineral triolite inside $240/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE, EC, 65.00 cts, 30.0x17.2 mm – Giant 'Crystal Clear' 'Diamond White' Quartz – Checkerboard Table – NICE

Check out the video of this one YouTube
QUARTZ, WHITE CATSEYE, RD, 1.51 cts, 7.0 mm – Translucent/Opague “Snow White Catseye – Flawless – Rarely seen this nice $15/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE CATSEYE, RD, 3.31 cts, 9.7 mm – Another $33/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE CATSEYE, RD, 9.89 cts, 13.6 mm - Another but bigger $99/Stone  
QUARTZ, WHITE STAR, OV, 19.32 cts, 20.0x15.7 mm - Beautiful and will fit a 20/15 Head for easy setting $194/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE STAR, RD, 8.07 cts, 12.4 mm – A Round One $81/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE STAR, RD,11.55 cts, 13.3 mm – Biggest we have $115/Stone
QUARTZ, WHITE, HS, 9.17 cts, 5.5x5.0 mm - BEAUFUL Hearttshape with 'checkerboard' table $46/Stone  
RHODOCROSITE, OV, 0.40 cts, 5.4x3.8 mm - Bright 'orange pop' Orange collectible Gem from Namibia - CLEAN and RARE Clean $200/Stone  
RHODOCROSITE, OV, 0.47 cts, 5.2x4.3 mm - This one is CLEAN and Pinkish/Orange - Incredibly nice color and very BRIGHT $235/Stone
RHODOCROSITE, OV, 0.85 cts, 6.5x4.9 mm - Similar to 0.47 ct above

Check out the video of this one YouTube
RHODOICROSITE, TRL, 0.30 cts, 4.2 mm - ‘Sweet Home’ Beauty $90/Stone
RHODONITE, CATSEYE, OV, 2.68 cts, 8.3x6.6 mm - We were able to cut two stones from one piece of rough Rhodonite - This is the biggest $1,608/Stone  
RHODONITE, FA, 5.21 cts, 10.1x7.0 mm -Transparent BRIGHT Dark PINK - nearly CLEAN Cabochon Gem that is extremely rare in this clarity - We had a couple of these a few years ago and sold them before the ink dried on the catalog - An excellent time to get a TRULY RARE Gem for you collection at a very reasonable price $521/Stone  
RHODOZITE, CuA, 0.50 cts, 5.3x4.3 mm – This one is from a recent purchase and light yellow in color $250/Stone
RHODOZITE, OV, 0.38 cts, 5.2x3.8 mm - Another NEW and extremely RARE collectible Gem for us from Madagascar - We were able to buy only 10 small crystals - Diamond White - Well cut

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RHODOZITE, RD, 0.13 cts, 3.1 mm - And another $130/Stone  
RHODOZITE, RD, 0.33 cts, 4.3 mm - NICE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RICHTERITE, CuA, 1.33 cts, 10.5x5.5 mm – Another big one like the below except this one is pastel yellow $240/Stone  
RICHTERITE, OV, 0.52 cts, 6.5x4.4 mm - Just bought a few small crystals of this RARE Gem at a very reasonable price so I'm passing on the 'BARGAIN' to you $104/Stone  
RICHTERITE, OV, 0.63 cts, 6.7x5.1 mm - Another $126/Stone  
RICHTERITE, OV, 0.68 cts, 7.1x5.6 mm - And another $136/Stone  
RICHTERITE, OV, 1.02 cts, 7.8x6.0 mm – These are ‘Beauties’ found in Arizona

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RICHTERITE, OV, 2.00 cts, 11.0x7.2 mm - Gorgeous 'Diamond White' collectible GEM of a very RARE Species - We have had only a few of these over the years

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, 18K DESIGNER RING – Exquisite Designer (Kurt Wayne) Ring – 18K (1972) marked and looks like it’s never been worn - The center Ruby is over 1 carat and it’s surrounded by ‘Top Quality’ Melee Rubies and Diamonds – This is the finest quality Ruby/Diamond Ring I have ever seen –We are selling it for a local estate

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE CABOCHON, OV, 1.42 cts, 7.4x5.7 mm – Really nice one – Removed from a scrapped old piece of jewelry - It needs a new home $284/Stone
RUBY, BURMESE CABOCHON, OV, 14.15 cts, 13.8x12.7 mm - Outstanding Dark Red Virtually Transparent GEM - This one was removed from an Antique piece of scrapped jewelry made in the 1940's or 50's - DARK DARK RED - It appears to be "trying" to star - Estate piece - A "steal" because we bought it "right"

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, OV, 0.80 cts, 5.6x4.6 mm - Fine RED Burmese Gemstone - A BARGAIN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, OV, 0.97 cts, 6.4x5.0 mm - Very bright and pretty RED

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, OV, 1.36 cts, 6.2x5.2 mm – Outstanding Color and Clarity – Blood RED – Does not come any nicer – If you want the BEST – This is it

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, OV, 1.55 cts, 7.2x5.2 mm - Beautiful color - A few small virtually invisible inclusions make this affordable - A 'Steal' at this price

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, OV, 2.87 cts, 10.0x7.8 mm – This one was removed from an old piece of damaged jewelry – Excellent color but slightly opague – BARGAIN PRICE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, BURMESE, PS, 5.52 cts, 11.9x9.8 mm – Huge Pearshape Translucent Burmese Gem - A good match to the oval earring pair above

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, CABOCHON, OV, 2.02 cts, 8.4x6.4 mm – Nice Bright Red Translucent Cabochon – Will satisfy the most discriminating cabochon buyer $202/Stone
RUBY, CABOCHON, OV, 53.54 cts, 24.0x17.0 mm – This stone is Purplish Blood Red and quite 'Pretty' – Usually when Rubies are found this big they are ugly purplish pink with lots of flaws and are from Myesore India – This one is RED and PRETTY – Will make a huge pendant that will 'face' well - Steal it for $20/ct $1,070/Stone
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 0.57 cts, 5.1x4.2 mm – GORGEOUS Bright CLEAN Gem – You will like this one

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 0.67 cts, 6.0x4.6 mm – RED RED RED a nice CLEAN Gem – A BARGAIN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 0.90 cts, 6.0x5.2 mm - From a new find in Madagascar a few years back - NOT heated as most rubies are and RED RED RED in color and CLEAN

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 0.94 cts, 6.9x5.1 mm – Another – These are exceptional BEAUTIES – As nice as they get – WOW

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 1.25 cts, 7.0x5.4 mm – Gorgeous ‘Fire Engine Red’ – CLEAN – They don’t get any nicer than this BEAUTY

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, MADAGASCAR (NO HEAT), OV, 1.47 cts Total Weight, 6.2x4.2 mm - Perfectly matched pair of BRIGHT Red unheated Madagascar Rubies - A Bargain that is priced way under market - Will make a STUNNING pair of earrings ?

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, OV, 1.39 cts, 7.5x5.2 mm – NICE – You will like

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, OV, 1.85 cts Total Weight, 7.0x5.0 mm – Nice Pair of Translucent Rubies – Will make an excellent pair of earrings

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, PS, 0.95 cts Total Weight, 6.0x4.5 mm – Fantastic Bright RED Pair – Excellent Choice for Earrings

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, PS, 0.80 cts, 6.7x5.0 mm – NICE

Check out the video of this one on YouTube
RUBY, STAR, OV, 0.37 cts, 4.1x3.8 mm - Sharp 6 Ray Ceylonese Star Ruby that is a very delicate Pinkish/Red color - Very affordable $370/Stone  
RUBY, STAR, OV, 0.66 cts, 5.7x3.4 mm - Another like the 0.37 ct $660/Stone  
RUBY, STAR, OV, 4.07 cts, 9.0x6.5 mm – Dark ‘Red’ Six Ray Star BEAUTY – A really nice one – Worth much more $814/Stone
RUBY, STAR, OV, 6.80 cts, 11.0x9.0 mm – A EXQUISITE Six Ray Star Gem – Dark Red – As nice as they get – You will LOVE this BEAUTY $1,360/Stone
RUBY, STAR, RD, 2.05 cts, 6.5 mm - Pinkish RED - Strong color and Strong asterism - You will like this one $410/Stone  
RUTILE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.03 cts, 6.3x5.8 mm - A affordable VERY RARE collectible GEM $309/Stone
RUTILE, CATSEYE, OV, 1.46 cts, 6.5x6.3 mm - Another $438/Stone
RUTILE, CATSEYE, RD, 0.64 cts, 4.5 mm - And another $256/Stone
RUTILE, CATSEYE, RD, 1.39 cts, 6.2 mm - These have always fascinated me $417/Stone  
RUTILE, CATSEYE, RD, 2.77 cts, 7.0 mm - Large Rutile Catseye - RARE beyond belief in sizes over 1 ct - We have only owned 4 others in over 30 years $825/Stone
RUTILE, CATSEYE, RD, 3.44 cts, 10.0 mm - Huge Catseye Rutile with an extremely sharp eye - The largest one of these that we have ever owned - RARE RARE RARE $1,200/Stone  
RUTILE, CuA, 0.11 cts, 2.6x2.5 mm - Interesting Dark Red collectible Gemstone - Common in small sizes and RARE in sizes over 1/2 carat $11/Stone
RUTILE, CuA, 0.16 cts, 2.8x2.7 mm - Another like the above $16/Stone  
RUTILE, RD, 0.13 cts, 3.3 mm - These are 'neat' and a lot rarer than they seem $26/Stone

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