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                Bolivian Stone that naturally occurs and is half Amethyst and half Citrine - hence "Ame-trine."

          These are very unusual and pretty - Very Clean gems with one band of purple and

one band of yellow running across each facetted stone.

Individual Gemstones - (ONE OF A KIND)

Please give second choices . . .

Size   Shape Approx. Weight Price Each
9.5x7.3 mm EC 2.28 cts $13.68
9.7x7.5 mm EC 2.30 cts 13.80
10.2x7.8 mm EC 2.96 cts 17.76
11.6x8.0 mm EC 3.79 cts 22.74
11.2x10.3 mm EC 6.32 cts 37.92

EC= Emerald Cut