Russian Mineral Specimens

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In 1994 we purchased a large collection (accumulation) of Russian minerals, fossils and cutting

rough while on a loose gem buying trip to Moscow. We shipped it home and  have sold a few items

from it over the years and left the rest to languish in a huge pile of boxes in storage. As we get deeper

 into "the hoard" we are finding many large and unusual pieces. Some museum quality, some decorator

quality, some cabinet quality, some desk and coffee table sizes/qualities and even some that would

best be  used as "outdoor" decorations or "doorstops." Below find a very small sampling of this material.


ASTROPHYLLITE - Metallic "Coppery" Star Pattern mineral on host rock. Used by "New Age" Healing Practitioners.
1 pound to 25 pound pieces - $12/pound plus freight.
CALCITE - "Cave" Calcite from Khaidarkan (Kirgizia) Russia - Looks just like "White Coral" Clusters. Knobby bright pure white color - Great Decorator pieces - Small Fist Size - $5/ea, Plus freight.
CELESTITE - Bright Orange Host Rock with pastel Blue White small fully terminated celestite crystals all over it from Boi Pau (Kyr) Turkmenia Russia - Wonderful Bright Orange Cabinet/Decorator size specimens.
Small Fist Size (approx 1 lbs) - $45/ea
Smaller (< 1 lbs) - $30/ea
Smaller - $15 ea Plus freight..
EMERALD - Huge hexagonal Pastel Sea foam Green Emerald Crystal with some host Micashyst Rock attached from Malyshevskoe (Middle Ural mountains) Russia. Emerald themself weigh - 170 cts ($85), 255 cts ($127), 310 cts ($155), 440 cts ($220), 525 cts ($262) and 870 cts ($435) Postpaid.
EMERALD CRYSTALS in micaschyst matrix from the Ural Mountains

                   10-20 ct crystals         $20.00 each
                   20-40 ct crystals         
 30.00 each
FLUORITE - "Rainbow Lavender" material that we have facetted and sell on Page 29 of this catalog. We have several grades of this material and can supply nice Cab Grade Slabs.
$4/lb or $150 for 50 lbs.
Facet Grade (already cubed into preforms)
 1 piece (50 cts plus) - $10
 500 cts - $75
 1,000 cts - $120
 5,000 cts (KG) - $450. Plus freight.
GARNET (ANDRADITE) - Outstanding Dark Brown Andradite Crystals fully encrusting host rock from Sinerechensko (Russian Far East.) Beautiful fully formed crystals that intensely reflect light - excellent decorator pieces.
 2x3 inches - $30/ea
3x4 inches - $40/ea,  Plus freight.
GARNET (DEMANTOID) -Russian Demantoid Garnet Drusy Plates from the Ural Mountains with crystals (some small ones might actually be facettable).
Dollar Sized - $10 ea
small fist sized - $20 each, plus freight.
GARNET (GROSSULAR) - Dark olivine green, fully formed crystals from Vilyui River, Yakutia.
Large "pea" size - $2 ea $15/10 $100/100
LARGE MARBLE SIZED - $4 ea $30/10 - $200/100
RUBIES - Ruby Crystals from the Kola Peninsula in Granite Matrix

              1-2 ct crystals                $10 each
ct crystals                  20 each
ct crystals                  30 each
STAUROLITE - "Fairy Crosses" in micashyst matrix from Ural Mountains. Extremely nice fully formed specimens.
Half Dollar Size - $4/ea
Dollar Size - $6/ea
Fist Sized and Bigger - $19/ea plus freight.
VESUVIANITE - Perfect rectangular shaped crystals from Vilyui River, Yahutia.
Approx 1/2 inch size - $2 ea per 10 - $15
Approx 1 inch size - $4 ea per 10 - $30