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We buy several dozen estates and coilections every year.
 When doing  this we accumulate tens of thousands of odds
and ends and 'odd lots' of gems, minerals, and fossils.
 In an effort to clear out our warehouse/storeroom and
assorted safes we have decided to offer them to you,
our valued customers, in bulk at ridiculously LOW PRICES.
 Most of these items haven't seen the light of day in 5--30 years
 and are priced at levels well below todays market value.
Some are not even available in the marketplace today.

See photos and/or videos of these items below.

  AMETHYST, CARVED FLOWER EARRING JACKETS - Approximately 8mm Round Carved Amethyst Flowers with Center holes drilled to accommodate an earring post (stud) - Very pleasant milky purple color $15/Pair  
  AMMOLITES, 50 cts (Mixed Freeform Sizes) - Cut from the fossilized outside shells of Jurassic (170,000,000 million years ago) Ammonites from Ontario, CANADA - Each parcel averages about 6 stones

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  APATITE, MADAGASCAR NEON BLUE, 10 cts (Approx 20 Gemstones) - We have 100's of these

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  AQUAMARINES, 20 cts (Mixed Sizes and Shapes) - Light to Medium colored Brazilian Aquamarine

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  BERYL, GOLD, HELIODOR, 20 cts (1-2 ct Average Sizes) - Nice Bright Gold Color Gemstones- Precision cut as are most of the Gems on our CLOSEOUT List in Sri Lanka or Thailand

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  CORAL, CARVED ROSE EAR STUDS - 5-7 mm Round Carved Pink/Orange Coral Roses that have half drilled backs so all yoju have to do is glue in a post and add friction backs and you've got a beautiful pair of earrings $7/Pair  
  CORAL, CARVED ROSE EAR STUDS - 8-10 mm Round - Another like the above but bigger - These are ALL natural - NON DYED Coral $10/Pair  
  CORAL, CARVED ROSE EAR STUDS - 11-15mm Round - And another - These haven't been available for many years. Each flower is hand carved and slighttly different $15/Pair  
  CORAL, CARVED ROSE EAR STUDS - 8-12 mm Round - These are carved from a very light pastel Pinkish/White Coral - Very pretty $10/Pair  
  EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE MELEE - We have over 1,000 carats of assorted small emeralds, rubies, and sapphires - Mostly melee and accent stones -- Rounds under 3mm, Ovals 5/3 and 6/4 and smaller, emerald cuts and baquettes of various sizes and shapes, small pearshapes and marquises etc etc etc . These were all acquired over the years as odds and ends when buying collections, estates, and retirement inventory from retail jewelers and jewelry repair shops. We can custom assemble almost and type of parcel you would like from these. You can specify you want mostly rounds, mostly ovals mostly baguettes or a mixture of whatever percentage of each you'd like in whatever stone variety you'd like (emeralds, rubies, sapphires). YOUR PRICE --10 carats for $95.00 ($9.50/ct) , 20 cts for $180.00 ($9.00/ct) , 50 cts for $400.00 ($8.00/ct), 100 cts for $700.00 ($7.00/ct) . You will save a HUGE amount of money by buying this way. For example a 2.5-3.0mm Round RED Ruby (Page 30 of this catalog costs $18 singly if you buy a hand selected one. Your cost in a mixed closeout parcel will be $1.00 to $1.50/Stone - YOU CAN"T BEAT THAT ! ----Call ED at 253-833-2760 and he will personally customize your parcel to the best of his ability

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  FLOURITE, BLUE,10 cts (3-4 Gemstones) - Gorgeous Cutting - All of these parcels our cut by our cutting houses overseas

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  GARNET, ANT HILL, PYROPE, 10 cts (3mm to 4mm Average Size approx 5o Gemstones) All Round Brilliant Cuts or Sri Lankan "Flower Cuts" - Eceptionally BEAUTIFUL - A "HOT" Fire Engine Red Color from Arizona

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GARNET, COLOR CHANGE, 2 cts (Approx 20 Gemstones) - When these were discovered in Sri Lanka about 10 years ago we were one of the first USA dealers to visit the site and we bought everything we could find - The change is exquisite from Reddish/Purple in Incandescent to Bright Green in daylight - The majority of them are quite small so we ended up with a surplus of these

Check out the INCANDESCENT video of this one on YouTube
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  GARNET, IDAHO PYROPE, 10 cts ( Approx 10 Gemstones) - Again a little off in calibration but BEAUTIFULLY Precision Facetted - BRIGHT RED Idaho Gems we have cut and sold thousands of these over the last 30 years

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  GARNET,RHODOLITE, 10 cts (0.50 to 1.00 ct Average Sizes) - These are from the Original Tanzanian Rhodolite Garnet Deposit discovered over 30-40 years ago - We bought a huge amount of very poorly native cut Gems at a very good price then and have been re-cutting them in Sri Lanka as we need them for years - GORGEOUS "Flower" and other precision cuts - We have thousands

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  HELENITE, Mt St Helens , Washington Volcanic Gemstones - (See page 51 for others) - We have cut and
sold thousands of these over the last 30 plus years and in the process accumulated hundreds of CLEAN
and slightly off size (non-calibrated) leftovers - Special Price - 20 cts for $120 or 50 cts for $250 which is
less than our cost to have them cut - You can pick the approximate sizes/shapes you prefer and we’ll try
to accomodate you.............. Listed PHOTO/VIDEO
  KORNERUPINE, GREEN, 10 cts (Approx 20 Gemstones) - An oversupply of these

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  MOONSTONE, RAINBOW FACETTED, 5 cts (approx 25 Gemstones) $150/Parcel  
  PERIDOT,10 cts Parcels of 8-10 Gemstones that are not exactly calibrated - When we send our Rough Gem Material to Sri Lanka or Thailand for cutting we usually get back perfectly calibrated Gems for 'slam dunk' setting - Sometimes they are just a little off - These are still easy to set in calibrated heads but just require a little more skill

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  PRASIOLITE, 20 cts (Approx 4 Gemstones) - Nice Bright Pastel Green Quartz

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  SAPPHIRES,MADAGASCAR, Our Biggest Seller - A few years ago we entered into a long term mining deal with our cutting house in Sri Lanka to provide them with equipment and some $$$ to do some mechanized mining on 1,000 acres of leased virgin ground in Madagascar for some GORGEOUS multicolored Sapphires that came out of the ground and didn't need heat treatment and most exhibited some color change propertieswhen going from incandescent to daylight - Well it's been fantastically successful - Many thousands of carats mined and cut and marketed but as with all gem deals there are always some odds and ends that accumulate - My partner says MOVE THEM -- So let's do it !-- We have #1 - 5 ct parcels of 0.50 ct average stones - 10 stones per parcel - each one a different coloror shade for $350 or $70/ct and 10 carat parcels of the same for $650 or $65/ct ------- #2 - 0.75 ct average stone size parcels we have 5 carat parcels for $95/ct or $475 per parcel and 10 ct parceles for $900 or $90/ct ---------#3 - We have a few 1 carat plus parcels left - 5 carats ( 4 Gemstones) for $1,900 or 10 carats for $3,500 - These are all PRECISION CUT into Rounds, Ovals, Cushion Antiques and Pearshapes and are exceptionally BRIGHT - These stones are all Sapphires and EVERY ONE is a different color of the Rainbow -Please see pages 62 to 64 in this catalog to get an idea of what you will be getting from this source - INCREDIBLE is an understatement - We can make up SPECIAL DEALS to help you create a Bracelet or Necklace of different Gems

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  SCAPOLITE, WHITE, 10 cts (Approx 20 Gemstones) - NICE "Diamond White" and precision cutting by our overseas factories

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  SUNSTONE, OREGON, 10 cts (0.50-2 ct Average Sizes) - Not Calibrated - Free form shapes - But BEAUTIFULLY CUT - Good Designer Gems

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  TOPAZ, WHITE, “Diamond White” CLEAN precision facetted Topaz - A mixture of ‘free form’ (noncalibrated)
sizes - 20 cts $100 and 50 cts $200 - These are EXTREMELY NICE, “SPARKLY”
Gems............... Listed PHOTO/VIDEO
  TOURMALINE, “SALADA”, (See page 31 for others) - We have an overabundance of 0.75 ct to 2.0
ct Brazilian Tourmaline at the present time accumulated from estates and collections purchased
over the last few years - These are nice CLEAN Gems of many many different colors - “Bargain”
priced at $300 for 10 cts (6-8 stones) and $550 for 20 cts (12-16 stones) - A “STEAL” for this
QUALITY.......................... Listed PHOTO/VIDEO