Watermelon Tourmaline

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Gorgeous Pink/Green Facetted Stones from Brazil

 that look exactly like a piece of luscious Summer Watermelon.

Individual Gemstones -ONE OF A KIND
Please give Second Choices

Size   Shape Approx. Weight Price Each
5.6X4.0 mm EC 0.40 cts $20.00
6.5x3.6 mm EC 0.50 cts 29.00
6.1x4.3 mm EC 0.59 cts 29.50
5.2x4.4 mm EC 0.69 cts 34.50
5.5x5.1 mm EC 0.84 cts 42.00
5.7x5.0 mm EC 0.85 cts 42.50
6.4x4.5 mm EC 0.90 cts 45.00
6.0x5.2 mm EC 0.94 cts 47.00

EC = Emerald Cut, = Clean