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A light pastel peachy rose colored gemstone of the Beryl Family from Brazil.

 Difficult to find - especially in calibrated sizes.

Size   Shape Approx. Weight Price Each
8.0x6.0 mm OV    1.20 cts $24.00
7.0x5.0 mm PS 0.70 cts 14.00
8.0x5.0 mm PS 0.80 cts 16.00
9.0x6.0 mm PS 1.25 cts 25.00


Individual Gemstones (ONE OF A KIND)

8.0x6.0 mm OV 1.14 cts $22.80
8.0x6.0 mm OV 1.16 cts 23.20
8.0x6.0 mm OV 1.17 cts 23.40

OV = Oval, PS = Pearshape