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A very pretty and Feminine, Light Pink and clean Facetted Gemstone From Brazil.

 Every time we buy some we sell out rather quickly.

 The Only Naturally Pink Gemstone that is reasonably priced in the market today.

Individual Gemstones (ONE OF A KIND)
Please give Second Choices

Size   Shape  Weight Price Each
7.0 mm RD 1.59 cts $48.00
7.0x5.0 mm OV 1.30 cts 39.00
7.9x6.1 mm OV 1.62 cts 48.60
13.0x10.9 mm OV 8.55 cts 171.00
14.6x10.6 mm OV 10.07 cts 302.10
21.1x13.4 mm EC 20.34 cts 203.40
19.0x14.0 mm EC 22.97 cts 275.60
21.5x17.8 mm EC 32.25 cts 387.00
9.2x7.4 mm PS 3.66 cts 109.80
16.0x11.2 mm PS 10.61 cts 318.30

RD = Round, OV = Oval, EC = Emerald Cut,

PS = Pearshape, HS = Heartshape