Rutilated Quartz Cabochons

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Clean white Quartz with reddish yellow Rutile needles criss-crossing inside each stone,  new from Brazil.

Outstanding pieces for wire wrapped pendants and rings

Individual Gemstones (ONE OF A KIND)

14.0x10.0 mm  OV   6.90 cts     $6.90
14.0x10.0 mm OV 6.98 cts 6.98
16.0x12.0 mm  OV  10.30 cts 10.30
16.0x12.0 mm  OV  10.35 cts 10.35
18.0x13.0 mm OV 13.58 cts 13.58
18.0x13.0 mm  OV  13.60 cts 13.60
25.0x15.0 mm  OV  21.92 cts 21.92
25.0x15.0 mm  OV  22.72 cts 22.72