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                    Over 500,000 pieces in stock at this time, including different types/colors of Jaspers, Agates, Petrified Woods, Obsidians, Onyxs, Fossil Stones, Quartzs, etc., etc. It is too much trouble and labor to sort these - so we offer them as they come - in “grab bags” of basically four different size groupings:    

1 SMALL - Average about 8/6 to 10/8 - many smaller and many larger. We have been selling this “grab bag” assortment for over 15 years
 with a great deal of success - many, many 1,000’s of bags.
                   Our customers tell us they can easily get their cost out by selling just 4-5 pieces in every 100 pc bag:

100 piece mixed bag (our choice) $25.00
500 piece mixed bag (our choice) $100.00

Average about 14/10 to 16/12 in size - Many smaller and many larger

and many freeform shapes - excellent wirewrappers assortment:


Average about 20/15 plus or minus in size - Includes many freeforms (triangles,

long ovals, large rounds, etc.) Good color varieties (many “earth tones”) -


50 piece mixed bag (our choice) $50.00
100 piece mixed bag (our choice) $90.00
250 piece mixed bag (our choice) $180.00

Average about 30/22 plus or minus. Most of these are freeforms (long ovals,

 triangles, etc.) With very few standard sizes included, so they are best used

by wirewrappers who want to make large pendants, etc.

Similar stone types and colors as our “LARGE” Grab Bags above - Excellent value.

50 piece mixed bag (our choice) $75.00
100 piece mixed bag (our choice) $135.00
250 piece mixed bag (our choice) $270.00


Large calibrated stones specifically for wirewrapping, bolo ties and belt buckles.

 Anywhere from 15 to 50 (or more) different varieties available at any given time.

Each assortment will be different each time you order - depending on stock available.


Cabochon   Per 5 Per 10 Per 50 Per 100
    Different Different Mixed Mixed
40/30 mm $20.00 $30.00 $125.00 $225.00
30/22 mm 12.50 18.75 78.00 141.00
25/18 mm 10.00 15.00 62.50 112.50
20/15 mm 6.25 9.40 39.00 70.50