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                Bolivian Stone that naturally occurs and is half Amethyst and half Citrine - hence "Ame-trine."

          These are very unusual and pretty - Very Clean gems with one band of purple and

one band of yellow running across each facetted stone.

Individual Gemstones - (ONE OF A KIND)

Please give second choices . . .

Size   Shape Approx. Weight Price Each
7.0x5.1 mm EC 0.82 cts $8.20
9.5x7.3 mm EC 2.28 cts 13.68
9.7x7.5 mm EC 2.30 cts 13.80
10.7x6.5 mm EC 2.37 cts 14.22
10.2x7.8 mm EC 2.96 cts 17.76
11.6x8.0 mm EC 3.79 cts 22.74
12.8x8.5 mm EC 4.10 cts 26.65
14.5x11.3 mm EC 10.65 cts 63.90

EC= Emerald Cut